Get to know what to put in what bin. Correctly sorting waste, helps to reduce what goes to landfill, increases recycling rates and creates a cleaner compost.

Find out what to put in each bin below:


Collected weekly

What can go into the lime green-lidded Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) bin

✔ FOGO - all food organics (including bones and meat), garden organics, grass clippings, small prunings, shredded paper and even your food soiled cardboard and paper.
✔ TOP TIP - if it didn't live or grow, it isn't FOGO!

Maximum weight limit 70kg.

Your FOGO bin is collected weekly. Contents are processed at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) and turned into high quality compost.

What does NOT go into the FOGO bin

The following items will contaminate your FOGO bin and should NOT be placed in it:

✘ General rubbish
✘ Nappies and hygiene products
✘ Plastic bags (only the supplied compostable liners or newspaper to wrap food scraps are to be used)
✘ Construction, demolition and building materials (no bricks, sand, soil, concrete, rocks or asbestos)
✘ Glass or ceramics (place glass into your yellow-lidded recycling bin)
✘ Hazardous waste, including petrol, gas cylinders, paints, motor oils, garden chemicals and poisons, pool chemicals, cleaners, acids, bleaches and ammonia, medicines and flammable liquids
✘ Medical wastes or needles

Recycling Bin

Collected Fortnightly

What can go into the yellow-lidded recycling bin 

✔ Paper (not shredded)
✔ Cardboard including pizza boxes (clean) and waxed cartons
✔ Glass including broken glass
✔ Aluminium wrap (clean, and scrunched into a ball)
✔ Plastic containers and bottles
✔ Cans (aluminium and steel)

All items should be empty, rinsed, dry with lids removed and placed loose in the bin. 

Maximum weight limit 70kg.

What does NOT go into the recycling bin 

✘ Building waste
✘ Hazardous waste including batteries and paint
✘ Food or garden waste
✘ Nappies
✘ Soft or scrunchable plastics
✘ Aerosols 
✘ Meat trays 
✘ Polystyrene


General Waste Bin

Collected fortnightly

What can go into the red-lidded general waste bin

✔ General rubbish items
✔ Nappies and hygiene products
✔ Polystyrene and soft plastics
✔ Ropes, straps and hoses

Maximum weight limit 70kg.

What does NOT go into the general waste bin 

✘ Organic or recyclable material
✘ Hazardous items


Visit for a full list and A-Z of what goes in what bin. 

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