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Online Maps and Zoning

Zoning and Land Use in our City

All land in our City is zoned. These zones set out what particular uses are permitted and which uses are prohibited. All new commercial development requires planning/development approval. This initial approval is for both the use of the land and the associated buildings. A change from one use to another is sometimes permitted without further approvals however some changes do require approval. 

To check the particular zoning for a piece of land, use our online mapping system, intramaps. From here, you can check the particular uses permitted for that zone by referring to the symbols in the Zoning Table in our Local Planning Scheme No. 6.

If you have any questions about zoning or land use in our City, contact our planning team.

Online Maps – Intramaps

Using our online mapping system, intramaps, you can check general property and planning information for properties within our City.

Intramaps shows:

  • Aerial photos dating back to 1953
  • Property boundaries and building outlines
  • Bin collection days and verge collection dates
  • Zoning and r-code information, and if any activity centre plan applies

You can also view generally:

  • ACROD parking spots across the City
  • Public art locations

Access Online Maps

How to use Intramaps

  • Search for a property by street address or property/land name (e.g. park or reserve name). You can do this by selecting ‘Quick search’, ‘Address Search’ or ‘Property name’ search at the bottom of the page
  • Select a 'Module' from the left-hand menu. E.g. ‘Property’, ‘Aerial Photo’, ‘Planning and Zoning (LPS6), ‘Access Information’, ‘Public Artwork’ or ‘FOGO Bin Information’
  • Tick or untick the ‘Layers’ as needed. Each ‘Layer’ shows specific information on the map.

You can export your map view by selecting 'Export' in the top left-hand corner. This allows you to save your map view as a PNG or PDF, or print your map view to PDF or Word.

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