Waste Changes due to Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer Quarantine Area

The Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development (DPIRD) has declared a Quarantine Area (QA) for parts of East Fremantle, Fremantle, North Fremantle, Palmyra and Bicton to contain the spread of the Polyphagous shot-hole borer (PSHB) beetle which has been detected in a property in East Fremantle.

At this point, residents can dispose of woody plant material (PSHB plants and materials) through their weekly collected lime green-lidded FOGO bin and their garden organic verge collections, that commence from 3 January 2022. This material will go through a commercial composting system which will kill the PSHB beetle.

The City has set up a temporary stockpile area with the QA at the Woolshed Park West for any woody plant material that is collected by the City’s contracted maintenance team operating within the from the QA. The material will be chipped and stockpiled to be removed at a later date, also taken for commercial composting.

We do still strongly encourage you to check trees and all other woody plant material on your property and report any signs of borer damage and suspected infections to DPIRD to help stop the spread of the beetle.

Residents, landowners and garden contractors within the QA will be required to obtain a permit from DPIRB if they need to remove any woody material from the QA.

For information on what to look for, see the DPIRD website.

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