Find out all about commercial bin collections, including how to apply for our services, bin fees and charges, what to put in each bin and holiday bin collections.

Public Holidays Commercial Bin Collections

For all public holidays in 2021 and 2022, there are no changes to your bin collection dates.

Commercial Waste Services

We offer general waste and recycling collections for commercial properties. Options available include:

  • 240L general waste or recycling bins
  • 660L general waste or recycling bins
  • 1,100L recycling bins

You can opt for weekly, fortnightly or monthly bin pick-ups. We collect general waste on weekdays and recycling on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. We do not offer weekend pick-ups.

To apply for our commercial waste services, complete our Commercial Waste Services Application Form and email it to

See our Schedule of Fees and Charges for current costs.

Apply for Commercial Waste Services

Commercial FOGO Bins

At this stage, we cannot offer food organics, garden organics (FOGO) bins to commercial properties. This is something we are currently investigating.

Changing or Cancelling a Commercial Waste Service

We require a minimum of 5 business days' notice to cancel or change your current commercial waste service. If you wish to make a change or cancel, please email

Commercial Waste Fees and Charges

For current fees and charges, please download the Schedule of Fees and Charges. These fees and charges are reviewed and updated every year as part of the budget process.

Broken, Damaged or Stolen Bins

Use the below links to request bin repairs or to report broken or stolen bins:

What Goes in What Bin

Correctly sorting your waste helps to reduce what goes to landfill and increases recycling rates. For a detailed list or to search for a specific item or material, use the A-Z guide on the Recycle Right website. Alternatively, download our basic list of what goes in what bin.

What to Do if We Don’t Pick Up Your Bin

If we haven’t picked up your bin, it may be because it was presented to the verge too late, contaminated with the wrong materials, it was too heavy, or it was put in a location where the truck was unable to access it. If this is the case, we will leave a sticker on your bin and/or a letter in your mailbox letting you know why we were unable to collect it.

Please ensure your bin is presented by 6:00am on your collection day. If we haven’t picked up your bin by 2:30pm on your scheduled bin day and no sticker or letter has been left, we may have missed your bin accidentally. If so, please fill in our online form and we will empty your bin within 3 working days.

Tips for Reducing Odours in your General Waste Bin

  • Keep your bins in the shade with the bin lids tightly closed
  • Squeeze excess air out of bin liners and tie off tightly before placing the bag in the bin
  • Sprinkle baking soda, kitty litter, vinegar, oil of cloves or lemon juice into the bin after it has been emptied to absorb odours 
  • Use a deodoriser in the bin - available from most hardware stores
  • Clean your bin regularly with hot soapy water 
  • Spray insect surface spray around the inside of the bin and lid to deter pests

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