Lodge a Complaint

We are committed to delivering quality customer service and communicating effectively with our community.

We realise that sometimes, despite our best efforts, people may not be happy with the way we have performed a service, so we have a mechanism in place to allow the community to lodge a complaint.

To lodge a complaint, please take the time to fill in our complaints form. You will receive a customer reference number and a senior officer from the City should contact you within two days to discuss your complaint. We aim to have most complaints resolved within 10 days.


Read more about our complaints handling process below.

Our complaints handling process

All complaints are handled in accordance with our complaints management policy and procedure which provides a framework for our management of complaints and the key measures we use to assess our success.

This policy and procedure aims to:

  • Inform the community of the internal and external processes for the handling of complaints
  • Ensure that complaints received by us are managed efficiently, effectively and fairly from the time of receipt to a satisfactory resolution or final determination of the matter
  • Enable us to use the data and information to improve our services
  • Enhance community confidence in our general complaint process and our reputation for being transparent and accountable.

The exact process we use to resolve a complaint is detailed below.

Step 1: Receiving and acknowledging your complaint

When a complaint is received, we will register it in our customer request system and provide you with a customer reference number and an estimated timeframe for response. The complaint is then assigned to a senior officer, generally a manager, for response within two days.

Step 2: Handling your complaint

A manager will get in touch with you within two days to discuss your complaint. They will contact you via the same channel you used to lodge the complaint.

To help us resolve your complaint, you may be asked to supply further information or details. Please note that any delay in the receipt of this information may delay the resolution of your complaint.

Step 3: Resolving your complaint

We generally resolve complaints within 10 days of receipt unless they are complex or we are waiting on more information from the complainant.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint within 10 days, we will keep you updated on the progress every 10 days until it is resolved. This will happen via the channel you used to lodge the complaint.

We will also inform you of the result of any investigation.

Step 4: Reviewing your complaint

If you are dissatisfied with our response to your complaint, you can request a review by a more senior officer. They will then further review your complaint and let you know the result of the review.

Step 5: Independent review

If you are still dissatisfied with our response, you may submit your complaint to the relevant independent body for review:

If the independent body is satisfied with our response, no further action will be taken by us and the complaint will be closed.

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