Littering and Illegal Dumping

It is an offence to litter or illegally dump waste or unwanted items or materials on public or private land. If you see littering or illegal dumping in our community, we may be able to investigate. Find out how to report littering and illegal dumping and how we deal with reports below.

Littering and Illegal Dumping

Littering is when small amounts of unwanted waste, materials or items are dropped or thrown on the ground or in water rather than being disposed of properly.

Examples of illegal littering include:
  • Rubbish or cigarette butts thrown from a moving vehicle
  • Rubbish dropped by pedestrians
  • Advertising material displayed on buildings, street furniture and other infrastructure without the permission of the owner.
  • Items placed on the verge outside of bulk verge collection dates, see bulk collection dates
  • Unsecured items that have fallen off trailers, utility vehicles or trucks
  • Tossing waste onto public land
Illegal dumping is when large amounts of waste, items or materials are left or abandoned on public or private land with the expectation someone else will dispose of them.
Examples of illegal dumping include:
  • Illegally dumped whitegoods
  • Illegally dumped construction waste
  • Items placed on the verge outside of bulk verge collection dates, see bulk collection dates
  • Unused vehicles left in a public place
Both littering and illegal dumping can be extremely damaging for our environment and can cause health and safety risks for our community.

Reporting Littering or Illegal Dumping

To report littering, fill in our online form. We will then contact you if we need any more information. Please provide as many details as you can and any supporting evidence you may have as it’ll help us with our investigation.
Please note we will not investigate waste, material or items left on verges if there is a bulk verge collection in the area within the next 7 days.

You can also:

How We Deal With Littering or Illegal Dumping

We investigate all littering and illegal dumping reports. Following our investigation, we may issue an infringement.

If you have received an infringement, you must pay it within 28 days unless you elect to have the matter determined by a Court. If this is the case, you must let us know in writing.

If you do not pay your infringement within 28 days and have not elected to go to Court, a final demand notice will be sent and further costs incurred. If you do not pay the final demand notice by the due date, the infringement will be referred to the Fines Enforcement Registry who will pursue the outstanding payment.

Appealing a Littering or Illegal Dumping Infringement

You may request a review of a littering or illegal dumping infringement by writing to us. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the review, you may apply for a second review or elect to have the matter determined by a Court.

Removal of Illegally Dumped Waste, Materials and Items

If the waste, materials and items are left on public property we will remove them. If they are left on private property we will still investigate but the property owner is responsible for removal.

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