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Littering and Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a particular type of littering where people go out of their way to dump their rubbish.

It can be such things as small bags of rubbish dumped in urban streets, parks or building site bins, or used furniture or other items tossed on vacant land or into the bush.

More serious illegal dumping occurs where people fill up trailers and trucks with all sorts of items and materials and dump them in an area where they think they will not be seen such as National Parks, bushland reserves, parks, industrial and building sites or interestingly, outside charity bins, stores and median strips.

The reasons for this behaviour usually include the distance required to get to a landfill site (rubbish dump), not wanting to pay to get rid of rubbish and laziness.

Illegal Dumping Infringement and Prosecution

Illegal dumping can be prosecuted under the Litter Act 1979 and can attract an infringement notice of $200 or up to thousands of dollars if taken to court.

If you witness any illegal dumping please contact customer service on 1300 365 835 | 9364 0666  or lodge an online request

For more information see the Keep Australia Beautiful Campaign website

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

If you spot an abandoned shopping trolley and wish to report it, there's a number of avenues you can take.

If you are able to identify where the trolley has come from, there are direct numbers you can contact to have them picked up:

  • Coles/Kmart/Target: 1800 876 553
  • Woolworths: 1800 641 497

If you are unsure of who the trolley belongs to you can contact customer service on 1300 365 835 | 9364 0666 or lodge an online request

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