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In response to COVID-19 Department of Health guidelines, the City of Melville Civic Centre and Operations buildings will be closed to the public effective immediately, for the safety of the community and staff. Read more.

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Compostable Kitchen Caddy Liners

We are all facing a unique situation out of the City’s control, therefore we are taking all steps to minimise unnecessary interaction and increase social distancing for both staff and our residents, including the closure of our facilities.

This means we are temporarily unable to provide you with compostable FOGO liners.

There are alternative options available to use in the interim until we can re-continue providing compostable liners again.


Where can I get caddy liners in the iterim?

Please use alternative methods listed on our website or purchase them from Woolworths, Coles, FoodWorks or Bunnings, or order them online from Compost-a-Pak, Cardia Bioproducts or Biobag World.

How do I know which liners are the correct ones to buy?

Always use compostable liners, not biodegradable, and remember to never use a plastic bag. Compostable liners have these logos and the certified Australian Composting Standard numbers: AS4736 & HC5810.

How can I make my compostable liners last longer?

The average use of a liner before changing it is three to four days. So by using three per week = 25 weeks per roll of 75 liners.

Moisture can make them compost faster so place newspaper or used paper towel at the bottom of your liner if your food scraps are wet. Store your liners in a cool and dry spot away from heat and sunlight.

Do I have to use compostable liners?

No. Food scraps can go straight into your caddy or FOGO bin. You can rinse the caddy out after washing up the dishes or wrap food scraps in newspaper which is totally acceptable as well.

You can even make an origami liner which would be a great project for the kids!

Can I use my compostable liners for dog and cat poo?

No. The liners are designed for your kitchen caddy and for food scraps only. Pet poo and kitty litter can go straight into your FOGO bin or you can buy compostable pet poo bags from:

• Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings and Petbarn or check your local pet store

• Order online from Compost-A-Pak, Cardia Bioproducts or Biobag World as examples

• You can set up a pet poo composter at home such as the EnsoPet or Bokashi system

Is it possible to post the liners out to households?

Unfortunately this is not an option. Australia post unable to handle the volume due to high number of bulk items

There is an unexpected new peak period for postage and delivery  due to increase in package deliveries

How will discontinuing this service minimise social distancing?

We are required to abide by the one person per four square metres. Queuing will create social distancing issues and therefore increase public interaction and make those in a high risk category more vulnerable.

Do we plan to continue this service when appropriate to do so in the future?

Yes, a token or similar system will be rolled out along with the yearly calendar at a later date (to be advised).

How will we be notified when the liners become available again?

You will be notified when our centres reopen and other important updates through our communication channels.

For all of your other waste services, it remains business as usual so your general waste, recycling and FOGO bins will still be collected.

We would like to thank everyone for doing so well with supporting a successful behaviour change and adapting so quickly to the FOGO 3-Bin system.

Why not try to make your own kitchen caddy liner using newspaper?


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