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Compostable Kitchen Caddy Liners

We provide all households with three packs of compostable kitchen caddy liners each year for use in your FOGO kitchen caddy. Find out how to collect your liners, as well as alternatives to using City-supplied liners below.

Collecting/Redeeming Your Compostable Liners

Each financial year, you will receive three tokens on the front page of your annual waste and recycling calendar which is delivered by mail to households in early July.

Each token can be torn off and exchanged for one pack of 75 compostable liners from any of the below collection points.

As we have a finite supply of liners, we cannot replace tokens if you lose them or if you run out of liners during the year. You will need to use alternative options or purchase your own liners until your next set of tokens is delivered with the next waste and recycling calendar.


Compostable Kitchen Caddy Liners Collection Points

Exchange a token for a pack of liners at any of the following locations:

Click on the links above to find out opening hours of each facility.

Please note: There are no liners available at the Canning Bridge Library. The closest collection point to this location is the City of Melville Civic Centre or Civic Square Library.

Shelf Life and Storage of Compostable Liners

Compostable liners are designed to break down, which is why they can be used in the FOGO bin. A compostable liner should last three to four days in your FOGO kitchen caddy. If they are tearing or breaking when you use them, it means they have reached the end of their shelf life. We recommend:

  • Collecting one pack at a time
  • Storing in a cool dark place, as heat and sunlight make them break down faster
  • Keeping them dry, as moisture makes them break down faster. Put some newspaper or paper towel in the bottom of your compostable liner inside your kitchen caddy to absorb liquids.

Purchasing Your Own Compostable Liners

You can buy compostable liners from Woolworths, Coles, FoodWorks, and Bunnings or online from Cardia Bioproducts, Compost-A-Pak and BioBag World.

Only buy compostable liners that display the Certified Australian Standard logos and numbers, pictured below (Compostable - AS4736; Home Compostable - AS5810).

Do not buy biodegradable liners, as these still contain plastic and break down into micro plastics which are harmful to all living things, pollute the environment and contaminate the FOGO compost.

Alternatives to Compostable Liners

You do not have to use the compostable liners provided in your FOGO kitchen caddy. There are many ways you can use you FOGO kitchen caddy to collect organics for composting:

Go Nude

Food scraps can go straight into your kitchen caddy and FOGO bin. Simply wash your kitchen caddy after emptying. Using a sheet of paper towel or newspaper in the bottom of the caddy will help to soak up liquids.


Wrap food scraps in newspaper or use it to line your kitchen caddy. This is a fantastic way to repurpose any newspapers you have lying around. You can even make an origami liner, which would be a great project for the kids!

Organising a Kitchen Caddy and Compostable Liners for New Residents

If you have recently moved into the area and do not have a FOGO Kitchen Caddy or any liners, contact us and we can assist you.

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