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Community Led Placemaking

Community led placemaking is a process that builds community connections and empowerment, through local people leading their own projects and activations. Melbourne placemakers, Co Design Studio have created a comprehensive guide for people who want to create and activate places they love and feel connected to, view the guide here Neighbourhoods Made by Neighbours: Guide to community-led placemaking.

Through funding opportunities, Project Robin Hood, and officer support, the City of Melville encourages our local champions to build community and create vibrant, active places. Below are some of our proactive groups working to improve their neighbourhoods and places. These include a community garden, neighbourhood groups and town teams.

Town teams are active groups of businesses, landowners and residents, who work collaboratively to improve their local places, such as their local neighbourhoods or town centres. Find fantastic information on establishing Town Teams, prioritising actions, and placemaking quick wins here Town Team Movement.

If you would like to start a Town Team in your neighbourhood hub, or get started on some local placemaking, get in touch.

Brentwood Village Town Team

The Brentwood Village Town Team have regular ‘Buy Nothing’ market days at the Brentwood Parklet they created, opposite Café deNada.  In addition, they hold regular ‘Repair Labs’ at Piney Lakes, with the next one scheduled for Sunday, 27 February from 9.30am.  They are planning an event to celebrate the opening of the new Cranford Cycleway in May at the Mt Henry Reserve.  All events are posted on their Facebook page and on noticeboards.

Rise Up Riseley

This group of local residents and businesses are invigorating the Riseley Centre, in Ardross/Applecross, with placemaking actions and events. The group recently converted a car bay into a temporary parklet on World Park(ing) Day attracting many passers-bys including the four-legged kind! They also held a Sundowner in October to find out what locals want to see in their local area. Get in touch via the Rise Up Riseley Facebook page.


Friends of Attadale and Bicton are interested in rejuvenating and invigorating their local hub.  Recently their passion and work for their local neighbourhood has resulted in a community mural at the Davis Road Park in Attadale, as well as a Project Robin Hood funded little library.   Follow their progress on the FABric Facebook page.


This brand new Palmyra town team has already held a SOUP event. SOUP events empower residents to support local projects that they believe in through community fund raising and votes. The proposal that received the most votes was a public screening of the film 2040.

Piney Lakes Community Garden

Sustainable Veggie Gardening

If you are interested in joining a community of like-minded people who grow veggies, why not inquire about joining in the activities at Piney Lakes Community Garden?

The Piney Lakes Community Garden (Inc) is run by members of the community for the community, enabling great connections to be fostered, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It is open to anyone interested in sustainability and veggie gardening, subject to availability.

To arrange a visit or for more information on a time to visit or how to join, please contact or find us on Facebook

For more information on community gardens, visit Community Gardens WA.

Applecross Town Team

The Applecross Town Team was nominated for the Community Group of the Year at the Australian Citizenship Ceremony on 26 January 2022, at Centennial Park in Bull Creek.  The Applecross Town Team was created in 2019 to bring awareness to neighbourhoods and local businesses about the importance of community spirit and connectedness, knowing your neighbours and combating loneliness. Since then they have achieved much, including a Cancer Council Fundraising Picnic, “Light up Applecross” – a project  where they decorate street trees and local businesses with solar lights for Christmas.  They also installed a free Little Book Library near Applecross Primary School.

The Hulme Court Collective

The Hulme Court Collective is a celebration of local businesses, artisans and a cultural food precinct, located along Hulme Court between Leach Highway and McCoy Street behind the car yards.

They are the heart of Myaree, pumping day and night with a range of businesses open from 6.30am till 11pm.

Businesses and local residents are welcome to join in making the precinct a safe, vibrant and welcoming place for all.

To find out how you can get involved with the Hulme Court Collective, contact Gabby Locke from entire tech on 0439 841 811 and follow hulmecourtcollective on Instagram.

Ideas From Your Neighbours

See below to be inspired by community led placemaking by the creative people of the City of Melville? 


Booragoon Walkway

Over the last 20 years local resident Ian Backhouse has transformed the walkway beside his house in Booragoon with sun tolerant & water resistant plants.

Perhaps this innovation will encourage other residents who have walkways beside their homes to do the same. Ian says this could be achieved with a few hours of work each week.

Brentwood Village Town Team

Since its inception in 2018, the teams’ numbers have grown considerably. They have regular planning meetings and welcome ideas regarding events and ‘happenings’ that the community would like. Not every member attends every event, but people offer their time willingly when they are able. Thanks to the BVTT, a real sense of community is evident in the area and people are getting to know each other.

Recently, they developed a parklet, commissioned a mural and held a very successful Treasure Hunt and “Buy Nothing” event at the Brentwood shopping centre. The team has been successful in obtaining the following grants and donations:

  • $12,000 grant, Project Robin Hood
  • $5,500 grant, RAC
  • $1000 grant, City of Melville ‘My Community’
  • $1000 grant, Bankwest
  • $300 donation, Home2Home
  • $200 donation, Pulse Realty

Little Free Library - Links Road Ardross

Rise Up Riseley in partnership with Ardross Primary School have installed a new street library in Links Road, Ardross.

Here are the first users taking a free book and promising to bring back another one tomorrow.

This project is proudly supported by the City of Melville.

We hope you too will take a book, leave a book and share a book.

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