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Community Led Placemaking

Community led placemaking is a process that builds community connections and empowerment, through local people leading their own projects and activations. Below are some of our proactive groups working to improve their neighbourhoods.   These include community gardens, neighbourhood groups and town teams.  Town teams are active groups  of businesses, landowners and residents, who work collaboratively to improve their local places, such as their local neighbourhood hub or town centre.  Find fantastic information on establishing Town Teams, prioritising actions, and placemaking quick wins here Town Team Movement.

 If you would like to start a Town Team in your neighbourhood hub, or get started on some local placemaking, get in touch.

Brentwood Village Town Team

Recently established Brentwood Village Town Team have thrown their energy behind two successful busy bees to clean up their local neighbourhood hub.  They have also influenced the installation of new picnic and bench seating at the Brentwood hub. They are currently trialling a monthly sundowner on the first Friday of each month from March to May.  For information on how to get involved contact the town team through their Facebook page

Rise Up Riseley

This group of local residents and businesses are invigorating the Riseley Centre, in Ardross/Applecross, with placemaking actions and events. The group recently converted a car bay into a temporary parklet on World Park(ing) Day attracting many passersbys including the four-legged kind! They also held a Sundowner in October to find out what locals want to see in their local area.  Get in touch via the Rise Up Riseley Facebook page. .


Friends of Attadale and Bicton are a new group interested in rejuvenating and invigorating their local hub. They held a successful Park(ing) Day events and are recipients of Project Robin Hood funding. Follow their progress on the FABric Facebook page.


This brand new Palmyra town team has already held a SOUP event. SOUP events empower residents to support local projects that they believe in through community fund raising and votes. The proposal that received the most votes was a public screening of  the film 2040. 

Piney Lakes Community Garden

PLCG is all about growing organic food in an inclusive and welcoming environment, at their beautiful Winthrop location.  For more information follow this link

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