What is the 3-Bin FOGO system

Intro to FOGO

The new 3-bin Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) system is scheduled to be rolled out City-wide from July to September 2019. FOGO is the collection of food waste and garden waste which is placed in the new lime green-lidded bins together to create high quality compost.

The City is moving to the new 3-bin FOGO system for several reasons including:

  • Recycling valuable nutrient rich food waste, which when combed with garden waste creates a high quality, Australian standard compost
  • Compost created fromthe contents of the FOGO bin can be used in parks, gardens, reserves and farms
  • Diverts food and garden waste from landfill which reduces harmful methane gas which contribute to global warming
  • It is the State Government and the Waste Authority's preferred, best practise waste approach and the only system that will meet State diversion from landfill targets (65% by 2020)
  • No additional costs for residents and an expected cost saving of approx $3million in the first year, due to reduced processing costs

While 3-bin FOGO systems have been implemented in a range of Local Goverments across Australia and several Local Governments in the State’s south west, many other 3-bin systems in the Perth Metropolitan area currently only offer residents a third bin for Garden Organics (GO), excluding valuable, nutrient rich food waste. 

What is FOGO?

Check out the video to find out what FOGO is and how it works by watching this short video.

What goes in the FOGO bin

Top tip - if it didn't live or grow, it isn't FOGO

You will be supplied with a kitchen caddy and a years supply of compostable liners for all your food scraps.

The FOGO lime green-lidded bin is for the following materials:

  • All food leftovers (including meat and bones)
  • Garden organics (including grass and small prunings)

Please note this bin will be collected weekly.


3-Bin FOGO Game

Test your 3-bin FOGO knowledge and see how many items you can get in the right bin.

Play against your friends and see who is the FOGO champion.

3-Bin FOGO System Roll Out

The 3-bin FOGO roll out will take approximately 10 weeks, starting from 8 July and expected to finish mid September.

When you recieve your two new bins a red-lidded general waste bin and a lime green-lidded FOGO bin start using them straight away. You will keep your current recycling bin.

Leave your old dark green-lidded general waste bin on the verge and it will be collected the very next day and recycled or reused.

When Are You Going to FOGO?

Simply enter your address at the bottom of the page in the Find your bin and waste day search box to find out when your new bins are due to arrive or view the map.

See the map and list to see when you can expect to receive your bins.

#1 - from Monday, 8 July
#2 - from Monday, 15 July
#3 - from Monday, 22 July
#4 - from Monday, 29 July
#5 - from Monday, 5 August
#6 - from Monday, 12 August
#7 - from Monday, 19 August
#8 - from Monday, 26 August
#9 - from Monday, 2 September
#10 - from Monday, 9 September

Please note, this is an expected delivery plan and timeframes might change. If you find all your neighbours have their bins and are yet to receive your bins, please get in touch with us.

View the FOGO Roll-Out Map


What Bins to Put Out and When

In moving to the 3-bin FOGO system, your yellow-lidded recycling and red-lidded general waste bins will now be collected fortnightly and your lim green-lidded FOGO bin will be collected weekly.

So each week you will place out your FOGO bin and either your recycling or general waste bin. 

Find out when your new bins are arriving and/or which bins to put out on what day by entering your address below:

Find your bin and waste days

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Disclaimer – If you don’t receive your bins after this date, don’t worry they are on their way, we are just running a little late.

If your old general waste bin is collected before your new bins are dropped off please contact us straight away.

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