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This page provides information about requirements for crossovers in the City of Melville. Find out about crossover specifications, get approval for the construction of a new crossover, or apply for a crossover subsidy.  

What is a Crossover?

The portion of the driveway between the property line and the road edge is known as the crossover. All crossovers are required to comply with our Crossover Policy.

Building a New Crossover

If you are planning to install a new crossover on your property, it is important to note:

  • All crossover works require approval from us
  • Planning/development and building approvals do not include crossover approval
  • Works performed without approval will be deemed as unauthorised works and could be liable to warnings and/or fines

Specifications for Crossovers

The minimum width for a crossover is three metres wide and the maximum width is six metres wide. A maximum width of 4.5m applies for properties with a frontage of 12.5m or less.

For detailed specifications, read our Crossover Guidelines and Specifications document. You should also refer to Residential Crossover Standards and Commercial Crossover Standards documents.

Lodging an Application to Conduct Crossover Works

Download and complete the Application to Conduct Crossover Works. In your application, include a crossover site diagram showing the site, locations and dimensions of the crossover. Email the completed form to our technical services team via

We will then conduct an onsite inspection of the property and check the suitability of the proposed new crossover.

We will then advise you if the crossover application has been approved. If it is declined, we will provide an explanation and advise what needs to be done to ensure compliancy.  

Note: You must wait for your application to be approved before commencing construction work.

Cost and Fees

There are no application or inspection fees for crossover works.  


Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for crossover approvals.

Please note for the Holiday Season: Crossover approvals will not be provided from 21 December 2021 - 5 January 2022.

The City will endeavour to provide approvals for any outstanding crossover applications after 5 January 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Apply for a Crossover Subsidy

You are eligible for a subsidy from us if this is your first crossover to the land, or if it is an upgrade from a bitumen crossover to a concrete or brick paved crossover.

Crossover subsidies are a fixed sum of $495 regardless of the size or material of the crossover.                          

You can apply for a subsidy only after the crossover has been constructed and need to provide an appropriate delivery docket as supporting evidence. For example, a concrete crossover requires a concrete delivery docket, where as a brick paved crossover requires a concrete, brick paver and limestone delivery docket. Tax invoices will not be accepted as supporting documentation.

To apply for a subsidy, complete the Application for Crossover Subsidy form.

Note: Brick paved crossovers are still required to have a concrete apron.


To learn more about requirements for verges, see our Verges page.

Advice on Building a New Crossover

If you have questions about building a new crossover, or the application or crossover subsidy process, contact us to speak to our technical services team.

Guiding Documents

Forms and Documents

Please download the PDF form and open in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat DC to enable features within the form such as attaching documents and including electronic signatures.

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