This page provides information about requirements for verges in the City of Melville. Find out about the vegetation and hard surfacing treatments permitted on verges or apply for an application to deposit material on a verge.  

Verges and Verge Treatments

The verge is the area of land between the kerb and the property boundary. It’s where public utilities and services such as power, gas and telecommunications are located, and is also a public open space recognised and valued for its street trees and streetscape environment.

Property owners are responsible for the landscaping, irrigation and maintenance of street verges adjacent to their property. There are requirements and guidelines for verges, including vegetation and hard surfaces – please see our Verge Treatment Policy.

Street Trees

We are responsible for maintaining street trees, including pruning the roots and branches. Property owners are not permitted to undertake any works on a street tree without prior approval. See our Tree Policy for more information.

Application to Deposit Material on a Verge

If you need to store material on a verge area or a road reserve, you will need to submit an Application to Deposit Building Materials on Verge or Excavate Near a Street form (PDF).

In the application, include a copy of the site plan (with existing building/s and scale) and indicate where your materials will be situated on the verge. The site plan should be at a scale of 1:200 and show ground levels, security fencing, and elevations of fence and building heights.

Your application will need to show that materials stored on the verge will meet the following requirements:

  • Portable toilets should not be located within the road reserve.
  • The verge should maintain a clear area within 2.5m of the road edge and 1.0m of a footpath or crossover. The crossover is the portion of driveway between the property line and the road edge.
  • If required, dust suppression measures should be in place.
  • Materials such as sand etc. should not be allowed to enter the stormwater system.
  • Verge infrastructure such as kerbs, footpaths, signage, drainage infrastructure, road surface and pavements must be protected.
  • City-owned street trees must be protected in the following ways:
    • Materials must be kept at least 2.0m clear of the tree trunk at all times.
    • A free-standing mesh fence must be erected around each street tree with a minimum height of 1.8m and a minimum radius of 2m measured from the outside of the trunk.
    • Street trees must be protected in accordance with our Tree Policy. For more information, contact us.

If your project is commercial, you may be required to submit a traffic management plan, construction management plan or additional plans as needed by your building surveyor.

Not all verge permit applications can be supported, but we will consider all applications submitted.

Cost and Fees

The fee to deposit material on a verge is calculated according to the number of months of the proposed works, and the land area of verge you are requesting to use.

The minimum fee $97.70.


If the application is compliant, we will generally get back to you within four weeks. Your application must be approved before placing building materials on the verge.

Verge Bonds and Refunds

A verge bond is a bond held by us to ensure that any damage caused to City verge infrastructure during construction or demolition works is reinstated to pre-works condition at completion of the project.

A verge bond is required for:

  • All demolitions works
  • All swimming pool installations/removal
  • Residential and commercial building construction work valued at over $20,000

To learn more, go to our Verge Bonds and Refunds page.


The portion of the driveway between the property line and the road edge is known as the crossover. To learn more about requirements for crossovers, see our crossovers page.

Guiding Documents

Forms and Documents

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