This page gives an overview of the requirements for demolition work. It includes information about what approvals you need and how to apply for a demolition permit.

Planning/Development Approval for Demolition Work

You do not need planning/development approval for demolition work, unless the property is listed on our Heritage List. Sites that are on the Heritage List have significant heritage value and there are guidelines around their development and conservation.

For more information, contact us to speak to our planning team.

Building Approval for Demolition Work

You will need building approval for demolition work, which you can obtain by applying for a demolition permit. A demolition permit is required before demolishing any structure.

Some buildings may be exempt from requiring a demolition permit. Buildings such as patios, sheds, pergolas and alfrescos (classified as freestanding Class 10 buildings or incidental structures), which have a floor area of less than 40m2 and will not affect the safety and health of the occupants of the building if demolished, may be exempt. To check if your project meets this criteria, contact us to speak to our building team.

Lodging a Planning/Development or Building Application for Demolition Work

You can lodge and track most building and planning/development applications online, however some applications must be submitted in-person at our Civic Centre.

 Lodge and Track a Building and Planning Application

The following guides provide more information about what to include in your application:

Planning/Development Approvals for Demolitions


We aim to process applications within the following guidelines:

  • Where we don’t need to consult with neighbours or external agencies: 60 days.
  • Where we need to consult with neighbours or external agencies: 90 days.

These timelines may sometimes be extended in consultation with the applicant. 

Fees and Charges

Planning/development application fees are calculated based on the contract value of the project and are listed on the Planning Fees Schedule. The fee for projects with a contract value less than $50,000 is $147.

Building Permit Applications


We process all demolition permit applications within 10 working days.

If we need further information to assess your application, you will have up to 21 calendar days to provide any outstanding information. We then have balance of the remaining 10 working days to provide a determination.

If you do not provide the outstanding information within the 21 days, we may refuse your application.

Fees and Charges

Building permit fees for demolition vary depending on whether the application is for a Class 1 or 10 or Class 2 to 9 building/structure. A Building Service Levy is also payable, which for contract values under 45,000 is $61.65. You will also be required to pay a verge bond fee and potentially the CTF Levy.

See all our building permit fees in our Building Permit Fee Schedule, or use our online fee calculator to estimate your building fees.

Verge Bond Fee

A verge bond is required for all demolition works. A verge bond is held by us to ensure that any damage caused to City verge infrastructure during construction works is rectified to pre-works condition.

  • Verge Bond - $1,900
  • Verge Bond Inspection Fee (non-refundable) - $100

For more information, including costs, timeframes and how to apply, visit our Verge Bonds and Refund page.

CTF Levy      

If your demolition project has a contract value of more than $20,000, you will need to pay the Construction Training Fund (CTF) Levy. The rate of the levy is 0.2% of the total value of demolition work (inclusive of GST).

Removing a Pool or Spa as part of Demolition Work

If you are removing a pool or spa as part of your demolition, please notify us:

One of our swimming pool inspectors must conduct a site visit to confirm the swimming pool or spa has been correctly removed or decommissioned. See our guidelines for correctly decommissioning swimming pools and spas.

Demolition of Buildings Containing Asbestos

Demolitions of buildings containing asbestos are required to have the asbestos removed in accordance with the requirements of the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1994. More information about asbestos removal can be found on our Asbestos page.

Planning/Development and Building Advice for Demolition Work

The advice on this page is a general guide only. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project so we can advise whether planning/development approval is needed. A planning officer and a building officer are available during business hours to provide advice on a range of matters either in person, over the phone, or by email. Depending on the complexity of the advice being sought we may ask you to lodge a request for written planning advice and a $73 fee will apply.

Forms and Documents

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