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Bulk Verge Collections

Find out all about bulk waste and garden organics verge collections, including dates, how to present your verge and what you can and can't dispose of through these collections.

Bulk Waste and Garden Organics Verge Collection Dates

Enter your address in the box below to find the dates for your bulk waste and garden organics collections, or download the 2022-2023 Waste Calendar (PDF).

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How to Present Your Waste

Please follow the guidelines below for presenting your waste for a bulk waste or garden organics verge collection. Only waste presented correctly will be collected.

Waste can only be placed out seven working days before your scheduled collection. Please check your calendar or use our tool above to check your verge collection dates before placing out your waste.

Do's for Verge Waste Presentation

  • Place away from trees, walls, fences, sprinklers and vehicles
  • Place white goods, steel and e-waste in a separate pile from other verge collection items
  • Keep checking your pile to ensure compliance
  • Allow seven working days for collection

Don'ts for Verge Waste Presentation

  • Obstruct any footpaths, driveways, your normal bin services or the line of sight of pedestrians and road users
  • Place near water meters, street signs, power poles or green power domes
  • Place any items on vacant land or public reserves as penalties apply for illegal dumping
  • Place commercial waste on your verge or place waste on commercial property verges – it will not be collected

Bulk Waste Verge Collections

Not everything can be disposed of through your bulk waste verge collection. For information on what items do not go into any of your bins or your bulk verge collections, and how you can dispose of them responsibly, visit our Waste Items for Drop Off page.

What Will Be Collected

  • Up to 2 cubic metres
  • Items up to 1.5 metres in length
  • General bulk waste
  • Timber furniture 
  • Trampolines and swing sets (disassembled)

Please place these items in separate piles

  • E-waste
  • Mattresses
  • White goods (fridge and freezer doors must be removed)

What Will Not be Collected

  • Batteries
  • Bean bags or polystyrene balls
  • Building materials: bricks, tiles, sand, cement, insulation, plasterboard, concrete products, asbestos, fencing
  • Car bodies, parts or tyres
  • Food waste or domestic rubbish
  • Glass including mirrors, tables and furniture with glass panels, shower screens, plate glass, fish tanks/aquariums
  • Gas cylinders, aerosols or fire extinguishers
  • Garden organics: leaves, prunings, dug out lawn, stumps, logs. Please dispose of these through your garden organics verge collection
  • Paints, chemicals or oils

See our Waste Items for Drop Off page to find out how to dispose of these items.

Garden Organics Verge Collections

Please use your lime green-lidded FOGO bin, is collected weekly, for small prunings, leaves and lawn clippings. 

What Will Be Collected

  • Up to 2 cubic metres of residential garden organics only. We do not collect garden organics on the behalf of contractors.
  • Tree and shrub prunings can be up to 1.5 metres in length and up to 35 centimetres in diameter
  • Items placed loosely on the verge

What Will Not Be Collected

  • Leaves, lawn clippings, weeds or roots. Please dispose of these through your FOGO bin.
  • Dug out lawn, sand or soil materials
  • General waste, bulk or white goods. Please dispose of these through your bulk waste verge collection.
  • Treated wood
  • Bagged or boxed items

What to Do if Your Bulk Waste or Garden Organics Are Not Collected

If we do not pick-up your bulk waste or garden organics it may be because it did not comply with our presentation guidelines, or you placed out items that you can't dispose of through these collections. You might also have placed it out too late.

For information on what items do not go into any of your bins or your bulk verge collections, see the information above. 

If your bulk waste or garden organics is not collected, you have 7 days to remove it yourself or you may receive a fine for $200. If you do not remove it and we do it for you, we may also charge you the costs for removal, disposal and clean-up.

Residential Bin Collections

For information on your weekly and fortnightly bin collections, visit our Residential Bins page.

Tree Lopper Services

There have been reports of tree loppers approaching residents claiming to be endorsed by us to prune or remove trees.

Please be aware we do not have any commercial agreements or relationships with tree loppers or any other contractor in relation to your garden organics verge collections.

Waste and Recycling Calendar

Every year we post a waste and recycling calendar to all residential households in the City of Melville.

This calendar contains your compostable kitchen caddy liner tokens as well as your bin and verge collection dates and an A-Z guide of what goes in what bin.

Download the 2022-2023 Waste and Recycling Calendar

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