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Due to unforeseen production issues, there has been a delay in the distribution of the 2020-2021 waste calendar. Waste calendars will start arriving in letterboxes from the second week of September.

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General Verge Collection Instructions

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Verge collection items must be placed neatly on the verge, no more than one (1) week before your scheduled collection dates
  • Place waste on the verge by 6.00am on the scheduled start date for your area (including public holidays)
  • Waste will not be collected if it doesn’t conform or is placed out late, waste must then be removed by the resident
  • For the safety of all and to avoid damage to properties, please do not place collections next to trees, power poles, water meters, reticulation, walls, street signs or any other object
  • Please do not obstruct the footpath, your normal bin services or the line of sight of pedestrians and road users
  • Waste is not to be placed on vacant properties or public reserves

Green Organics Verge Collections

Please note your lime green-lidded FOGO bin is collected weekly and is for small prunings and leaves and lawn clippings. Find out more about what can go in your FOGO bin.

  • Do not place green organics on the verge more than seven (7) days before the collection date
  • Ensure the pile is no bigger than two 6’ x 4’ trailer loads or two cubic metres
  • Prunings can be up to 1.5 metres in length and up to 350 mm in diameter
  • Do not add bulk waste or other non-garden materials as it will not be collected
  • Allow five to seven working days (5-7) for collection

What Will Not Be Collected

For green organics verge collections, we will not collect:

  • Additional garden organics in excess of two 6’ x 4’ trailer loads or two cubic metres
  • Green organics in bags or boxes
  • Prunings more than 1.5 metres in length or more than 350mm in diameter
  • Weed and root material e.g. dug out lawn (place in your FOGO bin which is collected weekly)
  • Sand and soil material
  • Leaves and lawn clippings (place in your FOGO bin which is collected weekly)
  • General rubbish, metal, timber, bulk waste or whitegoods
  • Mixed piles of bulk waste and green waste
  • Commercial waste

Bulk Waste and Whitegoods Verge Collections

  • Do not place bulk waste, whitegoods or metals on the verge more than seven (7) days before the collection date
  • Ensure your bulk waste is no bigger than two 6’ x 4’ trailer loads or two cubic metres
  • We will collect whitegoods, stoves, furniture, other household items and timber products up to 1.5 meters in length
  • Place bulk waste in a separate pile from the e-waste, mattresses, whitegoods and metals. All of these items will be collected separately by a different collection truck to be recycled. E-waste is now able to be collected and recycled during the bulk and whitegoods verge collections instead of going to landfill. The mattresses are shredded and the metals and foam from them are also recycled. All fridges and freezers that are collected are degassed before they are recycled.
  • Detach all doors from fridges and freezers
  • Allow five to seven (5-7) working days for collection

What Will Not Be Collected

For bulk waste and white goods verge collections, we will not collect:

  • Hazardous materials such as chemicals, oils, paints and asbestos
  • Additional waste in excess of two 6’ x 4’ trailer loads or two cubic metres
  • Bricks, sand, cement, concrete products, fencing sheets, hardiflex and building or renovation materials
  • Plate glass, mirrors or shower screens
  • Wooden pallets
  • Tyres, car bodies and parts
  • Gas cylinders or batteries
  • Materials more than 1.5m in length
  • Mixed piles of bulk waste and green waste
  • Green waste, stumps or palm logs
  • Commercial waste

Where and How to Dispose of Items Not Collected

Not all items can go into your bins.

For information on what items do not go into any of your bins or your bulk verge collections, and how you can dispose of them responsibly, visit our Recycling and Where to Dispose of Unwanted Items page.

Tree Lopper Services

The City of Melville has become aware that some tree loppers have been approaching residents claiming to be endorsed by the City to prune or remove trees. Please be aware that the City of Melville does not have commercial agreements or relationships with tree loppers or any other contractor in relation to green organics collections.


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