Planned System Outage - Sunday, 1 August

Online requests and our LeisureFit Centres fitness classes booking system (Envibe) will not be available on Sunday, 1 August from 7.00pm to 10.00pm as those systems undergo important upgrades.

Online and phone payments will remain available. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Bulk Verge Collections

Your Waste Calendar for the 2021-2022 financial year was posted out mid-June 2021. This calendar contains important information about your waste collection services, bulk verge collection dates, as well as tokens you can use to redeem three packs of free compostable liners for your FOGO service. Alternatively, you can access it online.

Find Your Bin and Verge Collection Dates

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Enter your address above to find the dates for your garden organics and bulk waste verge collections, or find the map and dates here.

How to Present Your Verge Waste

Please follow the instructions below:

✔ Place neatly on the verge no more than 7 days prior to your scheduled collection

✔ Place away from trees, walls, fences, sprinklers and vehicles

✔ Place  white goods, steel and e-waste in a separate pile from other verge collection items

✔ Keep checking your pile to ensure compliance

✔ Allow seven working days for collection

✘ DO NOT obstruct any footpaths, driveways, your normal bin services or the line of sight of pedestrians and road users

✘ DO NOT place near water meters, street signs, power poles or green power domes

✘ DO NOT place any items on vacant land or public reserves as penalties apply for illegal dumping

✘ DO NOT place commercial waste on your verge or place waste on commercial property verges – they will not be collected

✘ DO NOT follow your neighbour – check collection dates for your address first 

Please note: Waste will not be collected if it doesn’t conform to the above guidelines or is placed out late. Removal of non-conforming waste becomes the responsibility of the resident and must be done within 7 days, otherwise a $200.00 Littering Infringement may be issued. In addition, you may also be charged the costs for removal and disposal of the waste if the City has to undertake the clean up.

Garden Organics Collection

Please note your lime green-lidded FOGO bin is collected weekly and is for small prunings and leaves and lawn clippings. Find out more about what can go in your FOGO bin.

The following items WILL be collected:

✔ Up to 2 (two) cubic metres

✔ Tree and shrub prunings can be up to 1.5 metres in length and up to 35 centimetres in diameter

✔ Items placed loosely on the verge

The following items WILL NOT be collected:

✘ NO leaves, lawn clippings, weeds or roots (place these in your FOGO bin)

✘ NO dug out lawn, sand or soil materials

✘ NO general waste, bulk or white goods

✘ NO treated wood

✘ NO bagged or boxed items

Qfly Outbreak Affecting Areas 4 and 9

Due to a Qfly outbreak you need to comply with the below regulations in relation to your upcoming green waste collection:

  • Branches must be stripped of all Qfly host fruit before being left out for verge collection
  • All removed Qfly host fruit must be treated immediately by eating, cooking, freezing or solarising
  • Treated Qfly host fruit can only be disposed of in your general waste bin (red bin). It cannot be placed in your FOGO bin or out for green waste collection.

For a list of Qfly host fruit, a map of the quarantine area and further information visit the DPIRD website.

Please note: Garden organics will not be collected on the behalf of contractors. Only residential garden organics is accepted. The City of Melville does not have commercial agreements or relationships with tree loppers or any other contractor.