Compost Bin Rebate and Worm Café Subsidy

We aim to encourage the reduction of waste to landfill by offering a compost bin rebate and a worm café subsidy. Find out more below. 

About The Compost Bin Rebate

We offer a $50.00 rebate on the cost of a compost bin of your choice.
Composting is a simple, natural process that breaks down organic waste into a crumbly, dark brown material that is full of nutrients and perfect to use on your garden.
With multiple options available, find out the right composting system for you

How to Apply for the Compost Bin Rebate

  • Purchase a compost bin from a retailer
  • Complete the rebate application below
  • Please ensure you attach:
    • A copy of the receipt
    • Proof of residence within the City of Melville (e.g. drivers licence or utility bill)
Apply for the compost bin rebate

Receiving Your Rebate

Funds will be processed by EFT within 8 weeks of application. Rebates cannot be given in the form of cash or cheque.

About The Worm Café Subsidy

We offer a worm café subsidy to residents who attend a worm-farming workshop. Any resident attending the workshop can purchase a full worm café set-up for only $100 (RRP $235).

The worm café set up includes:
  • Worm cafe unit (dimensions - length: 55cm, width: 40cm, height: 75cm; colour - black; 4 trays (1 base and 3 working trays); fly proof lid; 4 legs; tap)
  • 1 kilogram of live worms (approximately 4000 worms)
  • 500g Dolomite
  • Castings for establishment
  • Worm blanket
  • Comprehensive instructions
See our event for dates and details

Receiving Your Subsidy

If you want to receive the subsidised worm café you must pre-order by emailing us prior to attending a workshop to ensure we have sufficient stock available on the night.
Pre-order your worm cafe

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