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Wireless Hill Museum

Read all about Wireless Hill Museum, how to contact us, what exhibitions are currently being featured and explore our past exhibitions through virtual tours.

About Wireless Hill Museum

Wireless Hill Museum is situated within Wireless Hill Park in Ardross and hosts regular curated exhibitions, educational talks and Museum Learning Programs.

The museum building is located within the old engine room of the original Wireless Station established in 1912. The Wireless Station was one of Australia’s first links with radio technology, used for telecommunications during World War One and World War Two. Using Morse Code, the Station communicated with ships off the Australian coast using a mast that was 120 metres tall. The museum opened in 1979 and began as a repository of telecommunications related equipment, it currently exists to tell the story of the history of communications in WA as well as host regular curated museum and art exhibitions.
See full historical timeline of the Wireless Station

Current Exhibition

Number Please!

26 March 2022 to 16 October 2022.
Wireless Hill Museum is proud to present Number Please! – an exhibition about the history of the humble telephone in Western Australia.
Less than 100 years ago the household telephone did not exist, but today, over 90% of the world’s people have access to a mobile phone. Telephone technologies, styles and availability in Australia developed in step with technological and social change. Now telephones are an integral part of our society. 
Come and view an exhibition that features objects from the museum collection and celebrates 140 years of telephony in WA, provided by the Wireless Hill Museum in collaboration with the WA Historic Telecommunications Society.

Previous Exhibitions

We put a lot of time and love into all of our curated Museum Exhibitions, if you're interested in exploring any of our previous exhibitions we have multiple exhibit walk throughs and videos available. 

Explore Previous Exhibitions

Museum Collections and Local History Service

We have three Museum collections which consists of objects, photographs and documents that relate to telecommunications and the Wireless Hill Site itself. Our local history service uses the museum collections and submissions from community members and staff to find out more about our local history. 

For more information, see our Museum Collection and Local History Service Page.

Museum Learning Program

We offer a number of school programs for students in Year 2 and Year 3. We offer a unique learning experience and focus on history, geography and science.
For more information, see our Museum Learning Program.

Contact Us

Opening Hours

  • Wednesday to Sunday: 10.00am to 4.00pm

Opening hours only apply during exhibition periods.


Wireless Hill Museum is in Wireless Hill Park, Telefunken Drive (extending from Almondbury Road), Ardross.

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