PHAZE Urban Art Painting Program

PHAZE is the City of Melville's FREE legal urban art painting program for young people aged 12-25. PHAZE is an opportunity to develop your spray painting skills with a professional Urban Artist. Generally taking place on the last Sunday of the month, 8 sessions are held across the City from September to April with all materials are provided along with sunscreen, water and lunch.

Youth at PHAZE session


Upcoming PHAZE sessions

Next PHAZE: PHAZE is coming back! We know you've missed it so planning for a new season of PHAZE which is due to start on Sunday September 27 at Leeming skate park.   Get your registration form sorted now, you can fill it in below.  Even if you've completed a form previously we need to get a new one from ever person at the beginning of a new season. It's easy!

  • Time: 10.30am to 3.00pm
  • Location (subject to change):
  • September 27 – Melville skate park
  • October 25 –  Bull Creek skate park - a Safer Melville Month event
  • November 29 – Leeming skate park
  • December 20 –  Hometown wall near JB Hifi (early due to Christmas)
  • January 17 – Bull Creek Skate Park (early due to public holiday)
  • February 28 – Melville skate park
  • March 28 – Leeming skate park
  • April 25 – Hometown Melville wall behind JB Hifi.
  • Cost: FREE
  • Ages: 12 to 25

Registration is essential so secure your spot by filling in the form below. We will send you regular sms reminders before the session.

Something to remember - PHAZE is a legal painting project. If tags or pieces are painted as part of PHAZE and they can be connected to illegal graffiti including through social media, the City of Melville may be required to provide information to the WA Police for further investigation. 

We want to keep you safe - there can be some pretty serious consequences if you're caught doing or connected with illegal graffiti or even if you're carrying cans or paint markers. To find out what they are and what it could mean for you visit -

Be smart and keep it legal.  Come to PHAZE instead!

For more information, contact Community Development Officer, Jo McKay.

PHAZE Registration Form

To participate in PHAZE you need to complete a registration form, but don't worry you only have to do it once per season. Fill in the form below so you can register for PHAZE. Please be aware that this is a program for young people aged 12 to 25.

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