Delegations and Authorisations Manual

Under various legislation, Council is able to delegate some of their functions and powers to the CEO, and the CEO is also able to delegate some of their functions and powers to other staff members. This includes functions and powers delegated by Council.

Certain persons (or classes of persons) may also be able to exercise particular functions and powers once authorised by the Council or CEO. 

Delegations and authorisations are a practical and prudent mechanism to ensure relatively straight-forward decisions can be made in a timely manner by people who have the appropriate expertise and experience. Given the sheer number of functions and powers allocated to local governments, it would be unrealistic to expect Council to make every discretionary decision itself.

As required by the Local Government Act WA (1995), we keep a record of all delegations and authorisations which is regularly reviewed by Council and the CEO. You can access this in the manual below or make an appointment with our governance team if you would like to view the manual in person.


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Manual - Statutory Delegations and AuthorisationPDF - 3.6MB

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