Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

The City of Melville offers an annual native plant subsidy scheme to encourage residents to plant native gardens and create waterwise verges, that reduce water and fertiliser use and increase biodiversity in the suburbs.

Native Verges & Gardens

City of Melville encourages residents to enhance their gardens and front verge by planting local native plants that are adapted to our soils and climate. This will increase biodiversity, create habitat, create wildlife links and corridors, save water and provide something beautiful for your garden that could become a talking point to increase awareness of local flora.

The City of Melville provides a subsidy for residents each year to encourage the purchase of native plants for use in their gardens.

When is the Subsidy?

In May each year, the City of Melville participates in the Local Plant Subsidy Scheme. Residents can obtain up to 15 colourful, low maintenance local plants free of charge from APACE in North Fremantle, while stocks last.

SOLD OUT! Thanks to all who collected their Native Plant Subsidies at Apache the past month! Unfortunately Apache has now sold out, however, residents will be able to collect more plant subsidies on Saturday, 18 August at Willagee Community Centre and Saturday 25 August at Blue Gum Community Centre. 

Plant Species Selection

Look at what grows well locally both in local bushland areas and surrounding neighbours gardens. You can see a list of species that grow in your local bushlands in our Natural Area Asset Management Plan Inventory List. Choose plants that will fit in with your theme and also provide vital habitat as part of the green corridor.

The SERCUL website provides really useful tips on which plant species to grow in your area and soil type to attract native wildlife.

City of Melville Verge Policy

For more information on what can be done on a vegetated verge, please see the City of Melville Verge Treatment Policy.

Example Native Verges

Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre has developed three example verges for different functions, you can view these at any time, or if you want to meet one of our staff members, please make an appointment by calling us on 9364 0791.

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