Request Copies of Planning Approvals and Building Plans

On this page you can find information about how to request copies of building plans and building related documents and view Planning and Building Approvals. 

Request Building Plans and Building-Related Documents

You can request copies of building plans, as well as building related documents granted by us. These include:

  • Residential or commercial building plans
  • Building permit
  • Occupancy permit
  • Building order
  • Demolition permit
  • Building approval certificate
  • Certificate of design compliance
  • Certificate of construction compliance
  • Certificate of building compliance
  • Notice of completion in relation to a building permit
  • Notice of cessation in relation to a building permit

To request a plan or document, download our Application to Request Building Plans PDF form and submit your completed application to

We recommend contacting us to speak to our planning administration team to find out if plans are available prior to submitting an application.

Cost and Fees

  • Residential building plans and documents: $99.00
  • Commercial building plans and documents: $124.00


We will aim to provide you with the requested information within 15 working days.

Planning/Development and Building Approvals Register

You can also view a register of all recent planning/development and building approvals on our Planning and Building Registers page.

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