Public Question Time

Public Question Time

The City is committed to providing opportunity for our community to participate in the local government process through Public Question Time at Agenda Briefing Forums, Ordinary and Special Meetings of Council

Policy: The Public Question Time at Council or Committee Meeting Policy provides guidance and direction on how the Council want public question time managed,  to ensure the effective and equitable use of the time allocated to public question time at each meeting.

How to submit a question:

Guidance on submitting your question:

Questions at Agenda Briefing Forums or Special Meetings of Council must relate to matters on the agenda. All other questions can be submitted to the Ordinary Meetings of Council.

If your question relates to a matter on the agenda and requires a response at the meeting, or is complex, it should be submitted by 2:00pm on the Wednesday or three clear business days prior to the meeting. To ensure you submit your questions on time, you can view upcoming meeting dates.

You don’t have to wait for a Council Meeting to ask a question:

The City of Melville has lots of ways that you can ask questions, raise issues, offer suggestions or just communicate with us regarding something you are interested in:

 You can  follow us on  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or Lodge an online request, chat to our Customer Relations team online or contact them on 1300 635 845. You can even get involved in projects, community reference groups or tell us what you think at Melville Talks.

A copy of this submission will be emailed to your nominated email address above.

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