Public Question Time

Council Meetings and Agenda Briefing Forums have an allocated period for questions from the public. 

Public question time is your opportunity to ask questions relating to any City of Melville matter. 

To submit a question, complete the applicable form below and return it via email to with the subject heading "Public Question Form".

Questions must be sent via email by 3pm at the latest on the day of the meeting.

Please note: Written questions must be received by the Minutes Secretary prior to the commencement of the meeting.

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Streamlining The Management Of Public Questions At Council Meetings 

The number of written questions being submitted to the Council meetings has increased over recent years from 80 in 2014 to 461 in 2017.

The City welcomes the community’s interest in asking questions of their Council.

However, it is becoming difficult to manage them all at Council meetings without reducing the time that Council needs to consider major issues and make decisions affecting the future of the City and the well-being of everyone in the City’s community.

We are noticing that a lot of the questions being submitted to the Council meetings actually relate to administrative functions of the City rather than to the more strategic oversight and decision-making role of the Council.

Many people may not realise that the law does not allow Elected Members to get involved in the day-to-day administrative functions of the City, and they do not have detailed knowledge of particular activities that might have affected an individual member of the public.

These sorts of questions often involve complex issues requiring a lot of explanation or they ask for very detailed information that isn’t really practical to read out in public.

The City is trialling a new system to make sure that:

  • everyone gets their questions answered appropriately,
  • the Council and City resources are shared fairly among everyone requiring services and information, and
  • Council meeting time is spent as effectively as possible.

The City will classify questions as they are received into those related to Council functions and those dealing with administrative City functions. Council-related questions will be read out and answered at the Council meeting and recorded in the minutes. The meeting will be advised that the City has received Administrative questions and that the City will respond to them.

We understand that people want to explain why they are asking the question, but if the preamble is very long, the Mayor or presiding member will just read out a summary of key points. A very small minority of people preface their questions with abusive or offensive statements or allegations, and these will not be read out at the meeting or published in the Minutes.

Don’t worry – if you have a question, you will get an answer, either at the Council meeting if you are asking about Council business (past decisions or items on the meeting agenda or big strategic City issues), or later, in writing, if you are asking about City business.  We are trying to balance everybody’s rights to get information that is important to them with the realities of making sure the Council has enough time to thoroughly consider the decisions they need to make at the meeting.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we try to find ways to streamline the process to ensure that are fair to everyone concerned, and we are open to suggestions about other ways to make sure people get the information they need about the things the City does.

The City of Melville has lots of ways that you can ask questions, raise issues, offer suggestions or just communicate with us on something you are interested in. Some of these are:

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