Tompkins Park Redevelopment - On Hold

The Tompkins Park Redevelopment Project is currently on hold via Council resolution on 21 May 2019.

Project Information

Update 22 May 2019: The Tompkins Park Redevelopment Project is currently on hold following a Council resolution on 21 May 2019.

While works were scheduled to commence in the coming months, Council’s resolution now requests that the CEO put the implementation stage of the Tompkins Park redevelopment on hold until a review of redevelopment options for the facility and the community’s requirements, has been conducted. This review will then need to be considered by Council.

The City is currently working through the resolution to determine the next course of action, and to understand how the resolution impacts all the stakeholders involved with the project.

The City of Melville has been working for a number of years to redevelop the current Tompkins Park facility into what will become the City's premier community, sport and recreation hub that everyone can enjoy. The premier modern facility will take us to the middle of the century, adapting to the community’s ever changing needs.

Importantly the future Tompkins Park will offer a more sustainable model for the many sporting Clubs that use it, for the Management Association who operate it, and for the City’s ratepayers who fund this important community asset.

The redeveloped facility will also be more accessible to the wider community, with social memberships enabling people to come together for social activities, in addition to the current sporting and recreation activities that are enjoyed there.

The Tompkins Park redevelopment is a significant and important strategic project for the City that will provide:

  • Enhancement of the City of Melville's premier sporting hub
  • Co-location of a number of sporting and social activities into a shared facility
  • Improved access for the general community
  • Improved sustainability for all sports at this location
  • Optimal use of City assets including the facility buildings and the active reserve and playing fields
  • Consolidation of a number of ageing community facilities
  • Savings to the City and its ratepayers with significantly lower subsidy levels to support sports members at Tompkins Park



Construction CommencementOn hold
CompletionOn Hold

*Dates may be subject to change


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