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Events Application

The City of Melville encourages individuals and groups to hold events that engage the community.

If you are planning to hold a public event within the City, either on City of Melville land or private land, an Events Application must be lodged by you (as the event organiser). The Application guides you through the requirements for a successful event and assists you in ensuring legislative requirements are met. Some Fees and Charges may apply.

Organisers of public events are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of both those attending and the surrounding residents. Additional information or approvals may be required from other agencies, and it is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure all relevant approvals and information are obtained for each event.

An Events Application should be lodged at least three months prior to the event date. An event can only proceed once the City issues a permit approval.

Events on City of Melville Land

Many public events take place in the City of Melville each year. These events include community based festivals; such as markets, festivals, memorial services and Christmas carols. There are also sporting events held; such as runs, walks, large sporting carnivals, triathlons, and bike tours.

The City of Melville has many reserves and facilities available for you to choose from to hold your event.

Before completing an Events Application, it is recommended that you contact the City’s Customer Relations Team on 9364 0666 to discuss the approval requirements; such as the proposed location and other event details.

Following your discussion with the Customer Relations Team, please send an email to the City requesting the date and location to be placed on hold. The Bookings Officer will contact you to confirm if a tentative booking can be made. A five-digit reservation number will be provided to include in your Application.

The Application can then be submitted online. An event can only proceed once a permit from the City of Melville for the use of the space has been issued. It is an offence to operate without all valid approvals and permits.

Events on Private Land

Events planned to be held on private land within the City of Melville, need to obtain Public Health Approval. Examples of private land may include places such as yacht clubs and churches etc. as well as Department of Education Land and Crown Land.

Before completing an Application it is recommended that you contact the City’s Health Services on 9364 0666 to discuss the approval requirements for your event.

Outdoor Sporting Events

You must obtain approval for an Outdoor Sporting Event if any portion of a run, walk, triathlon, bike tour or similar, is proposed to take place either wholly or partly within the municipality of the City of Melville. This includes if the event is on a public street, reserve or footpath.

Events which include the Swan River will also need to obtain approval from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Rivers and Estuaries Division.

Read more information on how to obtain approvals for an outdoor sporting event.

My Community Grants

The City offers a number of grants to assist with community events. To find out more information and check if your event is eligible, visit our My Community Grants page. 

Application Assessment Process

Once your Event Application has been submitted it will undergo the following process:

  1. It will be added to the City’s records. You should receive an automatic email confirming that your application has been received
  2. The application will be reviewed by the Bookings Officer, Recreation Development Officer and/or an Environmental Health Officer. If any information is missing, you will be contacted and requested to supply this information prior to the application moving onto the next step. This may delay the approval times
  3. When the review process is completed, a “conditional approval” letter will be sent advising of the outcome. An invoice for the use of the space will be issued at this point. If however, your application is declined, the reasons will be described and you can contact the City to discuss further
  4. It is your responsibility as the event organiser to ensure that all relevant approvals have been obtained, both from the City of Melville and other approving agencies, before the event proceeds
  5. Some events may require public notifications to be sent to affected residents. If so, this will be outlined in the conditional approval letter. You may also be advised of further forms that need to be submitted prior to the event date. These forms must be returned as soon as possible so that an Event Permit can be issued for the proposed event
  6. Your event can only proceed after you have received this Permit
  7. Event Applications are not transferable. You cannot transfer a permit for an event to an alternative venue, date or time, without speaking with the City’s Bookings Officer

Promoting and Advertising the Event

It is not recommended to advertise the event until you receive conditional approval. The City of Melville has an Online Events Calendar that you may wish to promote your event on.


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