The City manages parking around school zones to ensure child safety and free flowing traffic.

In an effort to enhance the safety of children who either ride their bicycles or walk to and from school, the City of Melville has implemented parking restrictions where appropriate in the vicinity of some schools.

The control of parking in the vicinity of schools is a high priority of the City of Melville due to irresponsible parking behaviours that impacts on the safety of children.

Where possible, use Kiss and Drive zones to pick up and drop off children. These zones are adjacent to the main school entrance. Kiss your child, say goodbye, allow them out and drive away as soon as safe to do so.  Never leave your car unattended in a Kiss and Drive zone. Contact your local school to find out if a Kiss and Drive initiative is in place.

What To Do:

  • Observe parking restrictions (check available signage)
  • Use Kiss and Drive (if provided)
  • Always be aware of children
  • Walk or cycle to and from school
  • Stop on the school side so your child does not have to cross the road
  • Use the crosswalk services at all times

What Not To Do:

  • Park in a No Stopping or No Parking area
  • Double park or cause an obstruction by stopping or parking on a footpath, driveway or at a bus stop
  • Park on a verge without the consent of the owner
  • Park against the flow of traffic

It is the responsibility of Ranger Services to ensure that these restrictions are complied with and the information is provided to assist parents and others with their understanding of various requirements.

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