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Road, Path and Streetscape Maintenance

The City carries out regular maintenance to roads and streetscapes according to a planned schedule, as well as responding to reports of any hazards.

The City maintains most roads, with the exception of major roads being Leach Highway, Canning Highway, South Street and Kwinana Freeway.

To report hazards or request maintenance on any of the infrstructure listed below, please contact Customer Relations or lodge an online request.

View Projects and Works for current maintenance works being done.

Footpath Maintenance

Footpath maintenance can involve either an upgrade to an existing footpath or repairs to an existing footpath, as well as red and white crossing guard rails, pram ramps, bollards and drainage pits in footpaths.

Some drainage pits are owned by other companies. Find out who owns a drainage pit by looking for identification on the pit itself:

Public Access Way

A public access way is a footpath that runs from one street to another between properties. This area is owned and maintained by the City of Melville.

Maintenance includes brush cutting, pruning of overgrown vegetation, litter removal, weed control, lighting, and footpath damage.


    These are generally caused by a deterioration due to usage, water penetrating the sealed surface and age. To prevent further deterioration, please report a pothole so that the City can act on it as soon as possible.

    Roadcrack Sealing

    Crack sealing works within the City will be prioritised, in conjunction with the road resurfacing program, based on the condition assessment of the road audit, which is conducted every five years.

    The works are carried out by a tendered contractor once a year over the period of one month. The City is responsible for monitoring the work to ensure the contractor meets the specifications and safety guidelines.

    Road Resurfacing

    Generally, road resurfacing occurs from road condition surveys conducted every five years by an external consultant. The external consultant is also responsible for carrying out the works and notifying residents at least 10 days before commencement of work. Notification will include timeframes and estimated completion.

    The City will send a completion letter once the road resurfacing has reached the practical completion stage, to give residents 10 days to respond to any reticulation damage or other concerns. Any damages reported after the 10 days will be assessed but may not be actioned.

    Please note, the City does not remove 'burn outs' left of roads by vandals or hoons.

    Line Marking

    Line marking is used to distinguish car parking bays and road lanes. You can request line marking for any City of Melville owned property such as reserve carparks, general carparks, small local roads, shopping and recreation centres.

    Request for cats eyes (illuminates) can also be requested for roads and median strips.

    Street Sweeping

    The City provides a street sweeping program which runs on an eight week cycle. These sweeps will assist in removing dirt and debris from the road edges.

    Street Signs

    The City is responsible for the following types of signs:

    • Street Names
    • Parking Restrictions
    • No Stopping/Parking
    • Reserve/Park Names
    • Community Directional Signs such as Libraries, Sporting Clubs, Post Offices etc.

    These City of Melville signs are mounted on round poles.

    Main Roads WA are responsible for speed and traffic signs and area usually mounted on yellow poles. Please contact Main Roads WA to report fault or damage to these signs.

    Streetscapes Maintenance

    The City of Melville provide maintenance services for streetscapes which include roundabouts, median islands and buffer zones. This work involves:

    • Removing or repairing vandalism
    • Pruning of trees (but not to reduce leaf litter)
    • Overgrown vegetation
    • Mowing of grassed areas
    • Litter removal
    • Fertilising
    • Weeding shrub beds
    • Irrigation repair and maintenance
    • Plant care
    Verge Maintenance

    Residents are responsible for the maintainence of their own verges.

    However, the City is responsible for maintenance of trees planted on the verge and will spray for weeds to maintain the streetscape.

    If you do not wish the City to use chemicals along your verge, or have a tree which needs attention, please contact Customer Relations.

    The City also welcomes reporting of untidy verges in your neighbourhood.

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