Election Signage

Election signage can be placed on public land or private land if certain requirements are met. Find out more below.

Definition of Election Signage

Election signage refers to the promotional signage used by political candidates, political parties or any political material relating to any federal, state or local government election.

May 2022 Update - Federal Election Signage on Thoroughfares and Verges

Our CEO has given blanket approval for election signage to be placed on City of Melville land for the upcoming May 2022 federal election, so long as the signage complies with the requirements outlined below.

Planning/Development and Building Approval for Election Signage

You do not need planning/development or building approval for election signage however, as outlined in clause 61 the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (WA), the following requirements need to be met:
  • It is erected or installed in connected with an election conducted under the Commonwealth Electoral Act (Cth), Electoral Act 1907 (WA) or the Local Government Act 1995 (WA)
  • The primary purpose of the sign is for political communication in relation to the election
  • The sign is not erected or installed until after the writ/s have been issued for the election (Commonwealth or State Election) or if a local government election, until the 36th day before the election
  • The sign is removed no later than 48 hours after the closing of polls.
Although you do not require planning/development approval, if you are planning on placing the signage on public land you may need a permit from us or approval from Main Roads.

Election Signage on Thoroughfares and Road Reserves

As outlined in clause 3.6 of our Activities in Thoroughfares, Public Spaces and Trading Local Law 2014, you must have a permit* to place any election signs on thoroughfares or verges and the following conditions must be met:
  • The sign must be placed at least 30 meters from any intersection
  • The sign should be free standing and not be affixed to any existing sign, post, power or light pole
  • The sign is placed so as not to obstruct or impede the reasonable use of a thoroughfare, or access to a place by any person
  • The sign must be placed so as not to obstruct or impede the vision of a driver of a vehicle entering or leaving a thoroughfare or crossing
  • The sign must be maintained in a good condition
  • The sign must not be erected prior to 6 weeks before the election date
  • The sign must be removed within 24 hours of the close of polls on voting day
  • The sign must not be placed within 100 meters of any works on the thoroughfare
  • The sign must be securely installed
  • The sign must not be an illuminated sign
  • The sign must not incorporate reflective or fluorescent materials
  • The sign must not display only part of a message which is to be read with other separate signs in order to obtain the whole message.
It is an offence to place election signs on thoroughfares or verges without a permit*, and if you do we may remove or impound the sign or issue you with an infringement.

If you are placing the signage on the verge of private property, please also seek approval from the owner/occupier of the property adjacent to the verge.

* As outlined above, no permit is required for the 2022 federal election.

Election Signage on State Road Reserves

If you wish to place signage on a State road reserve, you will need to seek approval from Main Roads. See their Policy and Application Guidelines for Advertising Signs for more information. We cannot issue permits for election signage on State road reserves.

Signage Posing Safety or Health Risks

In the interests of public safety, we may remove and impound election signage if it poses a health or safety risk to the community.

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