We're committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions across our local government area by December 2050, but we won’t be able to do it alone. Find useful links and information about how you can take climate action below.

Take Climate Action with Us

In addition to our organisational target to achieve net zero emissions by December 2030, we’ve extended our commitment to achieve net zero across our city’s geographical area by December 2050. Let’s work together for a net zero City!

Go Paperless with eRates

Register to receive your rates notice via eRates or BPay and you’ll help reduce the impact of paper, printing, envelopes, and on-road delivery. 
Sign up for eRates

Request a Free Street Tree

As part of our Urban Forest Strategy, residents can request a free tree for their verge.
Find out more and make a request for your free verge tree.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

By planting trees and shrubs in your garden and verge, you’re helping to reduce urban heating, reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, improve air quality, reduce storm runoff, provide habitat for wildlife, and enhance the beauty of our communities.
See the Water Corporation’s waterwise plant guide.

Join an Environmental Volunteer Group

We are lucky to work with hundreds of local volunteers who help on a regular basis to undertake work in our local bushland, wetland and river foreshore reserves. 
Find your local Environmental Volunteer Groups.

Environmental Subsidies and Rebates

We offer a few different subsidies and rebates to encourage sustainable choices and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, including a compost bin rebate, worm café subsidy and cloth nappy rebate.
See all our Environmental Subsidies and Rebates.

Attend an Environmental Sustainability Education Event

Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre hosts regular workshops, educational talks and other events about sustainability and climate change, as well as our Repair Lab events.
See all events at Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre


There are so many ways in which you can recycle or repurpose your unwanted items. Recycling will reduce your waste to landfill and encourage more thoughtful consumption.
See more information about recycling options and drop off points and how to reduce your waste to landfill.  

Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO)

Use your lime-green lidded FOGO bins correctly to collect food and garden waste at your kerbside. This leads to a significant reduction in emissions because the organics waste gets composted rather than going to landfill where it would release methane gas.
Find out more information about what happens to your waste.

Switch your Thinking

We have partnered with Switch Your Thinking, a local government initiative that inspires sustainable action in the community, with a strong focus on reducing greenhouse emissions and making more sustainable choices. 
Find out more information about Switch Your Thinking.

Save Energy at Home

A lot of small changes can help you save energy at home and reduce your carbon emissions.

Find out more information about reducing your energy use at home.

Save Water at Home

Pumping scheme water to your house and from your house (wastewater) takes a lot of energy. Reduce your water usage to not only save our precious water supply but to also reduce emissions.
Find out more information about reducing your water usage.

Consider Your Transport

We have identified transport as being one of our key metrics for emission reduction. In Perth, 42% of car trips are less than 3km long (10 minutes by bike). For these shorter trips consider walking or riding a bike or investigate electric options including scooters or bikes.
Take public transport for longer journeys, not only will you be able to catch up on the news or social media you’ll reduce traffic congestion.

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