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How to Book a Park or Reserve

Find out more about how to book, documents that may need to be included with your application and the process for obtaining approval prior to your event. 

What is a booking?

A booking relates to any organised activity scheduled to take place within a City of Melville Park or Reserve. These are private functions (closed invitation) that are not open to the general public to attend. Any activities that are open to the general public are considered events, with an Events Package required in these situations.

Who should place a booking?

A booking should be placed to ensure that the reserve is suitable for the requests activity. It also ensures that the reserve isn’t closed for maintenance. No other bookings will be accepted for the reserve during the requested times, but the reserve may still be used by casual users (family picnics etc.). The area or reserve will not be fenced off to the general public. Bookings should be placed by:

  • Anyone wishing to conduct an organised activity (Birthday Party, Wedding, Wedding Reception, Sporting Activity etc)
  • Sporting bodies
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Incorporated bodies
  • Hiring for commercial or profit based activities
  • Anyone wishing to include a structure (bouncy castle, marquee etc) or petting zoo, pony rides as part of a function on a reserve
  • Anyone contracting (hiring) a company to operate on a City of Melville reserve. (catering, face painting, magician, bubble man, bubble soccer etc)
Why place a booking?

We encourage organised functions to place a booking, however if you are proposing to use a structure or contractor then you will be required to place a booking. Some of the reason we require a booking are:

  • To ensure that the booking doesn’t clash with other bookings, sporting games or events
  • To ensure that the reserve is not too crowded for both casual users and other bookings
  • To ensure that work is not scheduled to take place on the reserve that may affect the booking. (Reserves or large poritons of reserves can be closed off to the public for restorations works)
  • To ensure the reserve is at a high standard prior to your booking
  • To ensure the reticulation is not running during the booking
  • The reserve ground staff can tailor their maintenance schedule around the bookings
  • To ensure that the appropriate Public Liability Insurances are in place for the booking
  • To ensure that there are adequate facilities at the reserve to accommodate the booking
  • A large number of reserves are used to host large events, triathlons and bookings, with sections of the reserve often being closed off to the public during set of any equipment associated with these events and bookings

If you neglect to place a booking and the reserve was not available due to unforseen circumstances or any of the above reasons it would be disappointing. If a booking is placed then there would be the opportunity to assist in rescheduling or sourcing another location for the booking.

Where can I book?

There are a large number of reserve throughout the City of Melville that can accommodate a large number of activities. 

Select our Parks and Reserves for Hire to locate an appropriate booking location.

If a Park or Reserve is not listed, it’s highly likely that the requested activity will not be approved.

All applicants are recommended to attend the Reserve/s to ensure it suits their requirements.

How do I place a booking and what are the fees and charges?

It's recommended that you contact the City's Customer Service Team on 9364 0666 to check the Reserve is available prior to submitting an application. 

There are Fees and Charges associated with a booking a reserve. It's recommended that you review these prior to submitting an application. 

  • Bicton Quarantine Park, Piney Lakes Reserve and Point Walter Reserve are charged at the Wedding and Function fees
  • All other reserve are charged at Casual Sports Ground Hire fee
  • All bookings are applicable to the Administration fee in addition to the above mention fees
  • A bond is required if a structure, or vehcile is proposed to be placed on the reserve.
  • A bond is required if a access key is being issued for the booking.

To submit a request for a booking, complete a Booking Application Form. Please ensure you include any special requests (vehicle access, marquees etc) and Certificate of Currency for Public Liabiltiy Insurance. This will speed up the applications process.

How soon should a booking be place?

A booking form should be submitted a minimum of 10 working days before the booking date. Bookings are only placed in the system as the applications are received. If supporting docuements are not provided with the application (Certificate of Currency etc), then the process may take longer. Popular locations book fast and well in advance, so customers should submit an application form ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Please note, there is a small time lapse between a form being submitted and the system being updated. This may result in the area showning as available upon the initial enquiry, however there may already be an applicaiton submitted waiting to be proceed through the system.

Bookings are not considered confirmed until full payment has been received.

Do I need to supply a site map?

A site map should be supplied if you are proposing out set up any structures or requesting permission for a vehicle to access the reserve. The site map should indicate the proposed location for the function and structure. If vehicles are proposed to access the reserve, then the site map should include the entry and exit locations, route across the reserve and any areas where the vehicle is proposed to park.

When is a site meeting required?

Bookings with structures or proposing to take vehicles onto the reserve will generally require a site meeting with the Reserve Supervisor. Details on if it's required and how to organise a site meeting will be supplied in the approval letter.

When will a bond be required?

A bond may be charged if the booking has any folowing activities:

  • Catering equipment
  • Bands/Choirs
  • Marquees, Tents, Bouncy Castles etc
  • Pony Rides and/or Animal Farms
  • Vehicles accessing the reserve
  • Access to a gate or venue key
  • Other activities (bubble soccer, laser shooting etc)
What is considered a marquee?

Any shade structure.

If you are planning on including tents, marquees, spectator stand and stages, please indicate this on the booking form. If conditional approval is granted you will be advised in the approval letter of any conditions or forms required for the structures.

Can a BBQ be booked?

Unfortunately public BBQ's can not be booked for exclusive use. However as part of the booking application, functions can request to supply their own cooking utilities. Approval for these utilities to be on site must be provided prior to the booking.

Alternatively the City offers the community the opportunity to book the Friendly Neighbourhood Community BBQ Trailer.

Is the area sectioned off from the general public?

The area is not roped off or sectioned off from the general public. However upon payment, a permit will be issued advising of the booking approval and location. Responsible Officers are also made aware of the booking confirmation once payment has been made. Bicton Quarantine Park, Piney Lakes Reserve and Point Walter Reserve all have signs located in the reserve, indicating to the general public that the area can be booked for private functions and weddings. All other reserves are on a "first come, first serve" arrangement as to the exact location to be used within the reserve.

Can I consume alcohol at the function?

If you are planning on consuming or selling alcohol at your booking you must apply for a liquor consumption licence. If a relevant liquor licence is not present at the booking, then fines may apply.

When is Public Liability Insurance (Certificate of Currency) required?

All organisations, school, sporting groups etc placing a booking should include a copy of their current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance. In addition to this any organisations, school, sporting groups etc  employed or contracted to opperate at a booking must provide a copy of current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance for their organisation. The value of the insurance must be a minimum of $10 million. If you are unsure if this is required as part of your request please contact the City's Customer Service Team on 9364 0666.

What is the approval process?
  1. Once an application is submitted, it will be registered in our records system and sent to Booking and Events Officer. The booking form is checked to ensure all required fields have been completed. Any incomplete forms will be sent back to the applicant and the requested date will not be put on hold until a complete application has been submitted.
  2. Once a completed application has been received, the requested venue will be placed on hold the booking system.
  3. If other City of Melville Officers are required to supply approval, the Bookings and Events Officer will seek this on behalf of the applicant. Please note, further forms or information might be required to be supplied by the applicant. This may take a few days.
  4. Once all officers have responded, if the application is approved, a conditional approval letter will be issued to the customer with an invoice for the use of the venue.
  5. Payment on the invoice is required within 14 working days. The booking date is held in the system pending payment. If payment is not received then the requested date will be released for other applicants.
  6. Once payment is received,  a letter confirming the booking and a permit may be issued for any reserves that require a permit. This permit must be on site during the booking. You may be requested to produce this by a City of Melville Officer as proof of your booking.
  7. If a bond has been paid, then the venue will be assessed after the booking. Providing there isn't any damage to the venue, then the bond will be refunded.
When is additional waste removal required?

The area must be cleared of any litter at the conclusion of your booking. Some hirers will remove their rubbish and take it away with them at the conclusion of the booking, however you may wish to hire additional bins for a small fee to assist in the removal of any rubbish. If the City is required to undertake a clean up of the area as a result of a booking, then the cost associated with this will be forwarded onto the hirer.

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