What Should I Do?

  1. Call the police and follow their instructions regarding entering your premises and/or starting to clean up - 000 for life threatening situations - 131 444 when police attendance is required.
  2. Call the City's 24/7 Community Safety Service (CSS) on 1300 653 643. They can attend to, observe and report any additional information to police or to do some extra patrols of your property or street.
  3. If you have CCTV - review the footage and let police know if it has captured anything relevant.
  4. Share relevant information with you neighbours - find out about Neighbourhood Watch.
  5. Put measures in place to prevent being a victim of crime again.

How Do I Stop It Happening Again?

  1. Complete the City's simple home safety checklist and Design Out Crime by applying principles that reduce the opportunity for crime through the design and management of the built and landscaped environments.
  2. Contact the Community Safety Service (CSS) on 1300 653 643 and request an extra patrol.
  3. Check out the City's engaging video and Beat Burglar Bill.
  4. Be informed - connected communities are safe communities.

Beat Burglar Bill Video

Check out our animanted video and make it tougher for crooks - thieves go after easy targets.

Holiday Watch

The City's Community Safety Service (CSS) offers holiday watch patrols to residents at no extra cost. To register to have your property patrolled while you're away call 1300 653 643.

Top Holiday Safety Tips:

  • Register for a holiday watch patrol a few days before you leave
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked
  • Let neighbours know you are away – ask them to watch out for your property and collect your mail
  • Cancel deliveries such as newspapers
  • Consider installing automatic timing devices for lights and radios

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