My Car Has Been Broken Into - What Should I Do?

  1. Call the police and follow their instructions regarding starting to clean up - 000 for life threatening situations - 131 444 when police attendance is required.
  2. If you have CCTV, you could review the footage and inform the police if it has captured anything relevant.  If you are parked somewhere that has CCTV not belonging to you, talk to the owner about if they would be willing to review and share the footage with police if it has captured anything relevant. 
  3. Share relevant information with your neighbours - find out about Neighbourhood Watch.
  4. Put measures in place to present being a victim of crime again.

How Should I Stop It Happening Again?

1. Follow these simple steps to help keep your car and valuables safe:

  • Never leave valuables in the car
  • Always lock up
  • Close windows and don’t leave keys in the ignition, even if you are only going to be a few minutes – theft only takes a few second
  • Pay attention to where you park
  • Park off the street and in a well-lit area preferably in a car port or garage
  • Secure car keys when at home.  Don’t leave them where they can be seen.

2. Check out our engaging video and stop Quick Grab Quinn

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