Community Diversity

91.5% of respondents in the 2019 Community Wellbeing Survey agreed that they felt safe being out in public in their local community. The City of Melville works with numerous stakeholders including local businesses, police and the public to create a safe and secure community for everyone.  Everyone in the community has a role to play when it comes to community safety and everyone perceives things differently. Sometimes people perceive the behaviour of others as being anti social however it could simply be a different lifestyle to your own. As a community we need to understand and agree to live alongside each other regardless of these differences.

Anti social behaviour disturbs, annoys or interferes with someone’s ability to go about their lawful business.

The following are NOT anti social behaviours:

  • Children playing

  • Young people walking or sitting together in groups

  • Religious or cultural practice or dress

  • Smoking legal substances in designated areas

  • Parties or celebrations

  • Using public spaces at night, and

  • Homelessness.

We have processes in place to respond to concerns regarding homelessness. Visit our homelessness page to find out more including FAQ’s and support services.

If you are unsure if a behaviour is anti social or would like some advice, contact the Community Safety Service (CSS) 24/7 on 1300 653 643 and someone will be able to advise you.

Reporting Anti Social Behaviour

Used Community Sharps in Public Places

If you find sharps (which includes needles, syringes and lancets) discarded in parks or public places call CSS 24/7 on 1300 653 643 and one of our officers will pick up and dispose of it correctly.


Contact Crime Stoppers WA on 1800 333 000 or online at and report what you know if you have information on:

  • Alleged illegal drug dealers
  • The alleged manufacture of illegal drugs or
  • The use of illegal drugs.

You can report to Crime Stoppers WA anonymously! 


Our Environmental Health Officers provide services to residents and help to ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Act relating to noise pollution. Visit our noise page for more information or to report a noise problem.


You can report hoon behaviour on the WA Police website.  Do not put yourself at risk when trying to gather evidence.  If immediate police attendance is required, call 131 444 to report the incident.


If you see an offence in progress call 131 444 for police attendance.  You should report all graffiti for prompt removal as soon as you can.  Visit our graffiti page for more information and to report graffiti for removal.

City of Melville Intervention in Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

Crime problems and anti social behaviour change quickly and can appear without warning which can cause concern in the community.  If you and your local community have already contacted relevant authorities (such as police, Local Members, relevant State Government Departments) to report and work through crime or anti social behaviour and it remains persistent and ongoing, then the City is able to get involved to support the community. 

This involves a variety of interventions where we engage with all affected stakeholders to work together to try and resolve the issues.  Community support and involvement is essential.  We have a process in place to assist us in determining when we get involved to apply these interventions.    If you have been unable to address the issues in your local community with relevant authorities, email the Safer Melville Coordinator on to arrange a time to discuss your concerns. 

The City also runs initiatives to help the community learn more about others from diverse backgrounds.  To find out more, contact the Community Development People team on 9364 0666. 

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