Staying Physically Healthy

Being physically active has lots of benefits. Exercising regularly helps reduce the risk of several chronic diseases as well as improving your mental health and wellbeing.

What Sort of Exercise?

The exercise doesn't have to be vigorous, moderate exercise such as a brisk walk is just as good. The ideal is to make it a regular part of your lifestyle - 30 minutes a day is recommended which can also be accumulated in 10 minute sessions if that is easier to fit into your lifestyle.

There are lots of opportunities for keeping active in the City of Melville with recreation centres, sporting clubs and parks catering for a variety of needs.

Information about these services and facilities can be found at the following links:

LeisureFit Recreation Centres

Physical activity is ranked second only to tobacco control in being the most important factor in health promotion and disease prevention in Australia!

Find out about LeisureFit Recreation Centres.

Active in the Park

Join us for our free Active in the Park fitness classes and help keep yourself and your family fit and active.

Find out more about our current season and fill in the registration form to secure your place!

Getting Children Active Outdoors

Physical activity and nutrition are two of the most important factors for developing and maintaining good health in children.

The 2008 Child and Adolescent Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey found that less than half of the school students interviewed reported undertaking the recommended minimum 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The majority of school students interviewed reported participating in more than the recommended two hours of screen-based recreation on at least one day in the previous week.

Find out about Community Sport and Recreation Opportunities.

Sometimes it can be challenging to get children moving so creativity is often key to getting them active, particularly if they do not enjoy or participate in sporting activities.

There is some great information and ideas for getting children involved in outdoor activities at Nature Play WA.

Enjoying the City's Parks and Gardens

Enjoy recreating outdoors in one of our local parks or gardens. The City of Melville boasts several beautiful parks and gardens suitable for weddings, picnics and other large or small outdoor functions. Take a break from the pace of urban living and enjoy the peace and tranquillity in one of the City of Melville's enchanting parks and gardens.

For more information visit Parks and Reserves.


For more information visit ActiveLink (for People Facing Challenges).

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