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This page provides information on who you can approach if you have an air quality issue.

Air Quality in the City

Clean air is important to us and our local laws are in place to ensure that the release of smoke, dust or odours does not cause a nuisance that may lead to significant health issues such as asthma and other respiratory problems.

Our Services

Our environmental health team responds to and investigates complaints regarding smoke, dust or odours.

Report an Issue with Smoke, Dust or Odours

If you are experiencing problems with smoke, dust or odours, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with the person or business first as that often resolves the issue and helps you maintains a good relationship with your neighbour.

If you find they are unapproachable or deny a problem exists, you can contact our environmental health team who will be able to assist. You can also report your air quality problem online.

Note: If your dust-related problem is related to demolition work, ask to speak to our building team as they are the ones that deal with this type of complaint.

Tips for Reducing Smoke

Excessive smoke from wood-heaters and other sources can cause respiratory problems. You can help minimise smoke and reduce the maintenance and running costs of your wood-heater by:

  • Burning dry, seasoned and untreated firewood
  • Stacking wood under cover in a dry, ventilated area
  • Using small logs
  • Burning the fire brightly, even if burning overnight

How your wood-heater is installed also affects the amount of smoke produced. It is recommended you:

  • Fit the chimney with a concentric shroud chimney top, rather than a conical cap design, to help the smoke travel upwards
  • Fit the chimney flue (the duct or pipe where smoke exits) in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standards 2918:2001 Domestic Solid Fuel Burning Appliances, including:
    • Setting the flue at least 1m higher than other buildings within a 15m radius
    • Setting the flue at least 1m higher than the house eaves (the edges of your roof), or alternatively 300mm above the highest point of the roof, within 3.6m radius.

More information about smoke from wood-heaters can be found on the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation website.

Tips for Reducing Dust

Some construction work can cause dust and become a nuisance or issue for neighbours.

Methods of dust control include (but are not limited to):

  • Applying water or a binding agent to areas that are likely to produce dust
  • Ensuring adequate water availability, contact the Water Corporation Technical Services Division on 131 395 for further information
  • Ensuring stockpiles and finished ground are stabilised
  • Erection of temporary mesh filter screening (minimum two metres in height with porosity measurement of around 50%) in the direction of prevailing winds
  • Ensuring trucks entering and leaving sites are covered and that any spillage onto the ground surface and roads is promptly cleaned up

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