Breed: Staffy

 Date: 8/9/19

 Time: 1430hrs

 Location: Bartlett Street, Willagee

Colour: White and Tan

 Sex: Entire Male

 Pen: 8

 Other: No collar or microchip detected

Breed: Staffy

 Date: 14/9/19

 Time: 08:00hrs

 Location: Forrest St, Willagee

Colour: Light Brindle

 Sex: Female

 Pen: 5

 Other: No collar or microchip detected

Breed: Staffy

 Date: 14/9/19

 Time: 08:30hrs

 Location: Forrest Street, Willagee

Colour: Brindle

 Sex: Male

 Pen: 6

 Other: microchip detected

Dog Release

The below fees are applicable for the release of a dog:

  • Release of Registered Dog - $65.00
  • Release of Unregistered Dog - $95.00 plus registration fee
  • Sustenance and Maintenance for a Dog in a Pound - $20.00
  • Microchipping of a dog - $50.00

All dogs released from the pound must be registered and microchipped.

If a dog is not claimed within seven days from the date of impoundment, the dog may be euthanised or offered for sale as per the Dog Act 1976.

Contact Information

Phone: 9364 0760

Address: City of Melville Operations Centre Bramanti Road, Murdoch

Please note that lost dogs can only be collected from the Dog Pound between 4.00pm to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

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