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We have certain rules about keeping bees on your property, find out more below.

Registering Your Beehive

As outlined in our Health Local Law, you may keep two beehives on your property without seeking approval from us.  
You must however register each of your hives with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). You will be issued with a unique brand identifier which must be displayed on all your beehives.

Guidelines for Beehives

Although you may not need approval for a beehive, your beehive must meet the following requirements as outlined in our Health Local Law:
  • A supply of water is available within 10 metres of the beehive at all times
  • The hive is kept outside
  • The hive is at least 10 metres from any footpath, street, private street, public place or other building
  • The hive is at least 5 metres from the boundary of the lot
  • The hive is enclosed on all sides by a fence, wall or other enclosure
  • The hive is registered with DPIRD
  • The hive must be well maintained and not cause nuisance

Selling Honey or Honeycomb

If you intend to sell the honey or honeycomb produced from your beehives you will need to register as a food business. Find out about registering as a Food Business in the City.

Nuisance Beehives on Private Property

Beehives on private property are the owner’s responsibility. Please ensure you manage your beehives properly to avoid swarming. We may ask you to remove your beehives if we believe they are causing nuisance to neighbours or affecting native flora and fauna.
For more information on removing beehives on private property please refer to the WA Apiarists Society.

Reporting Nuisance Beehives on Private Property

If you want to report a nuisance beehive on private property please contact us so we can investigate.
Please note: We cannot remove beehives or swarms on private property however we can direct the owner/occupier to manage their beehives properly or remove the bees or beehives if they are causing a nuisance.

Beehives on Public Property

We engage with a contractor to remove beehives that pose a safety risk in our parks, reserves and streetscapes. Find out more information about how we deal with beehives on public property.

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