Melville Age Friendly Accessible Business Network

The MAFAB Network works with local businesses to implement age-friendly and accessible initiatives to support the older residents, including those living with dementia and people with disabilities. Follow this link to see what MAFAB is all about.

Did you know:

  • 24.9% of Melville residents are over 60 compared to 19% greater Perth
  • Based on the City of Melville's population of 98083 people, over 18000 people identify as having some form of disability.
  • The City of Melville is the second highest local government area for people living with dementia (Access Economics Report, "Projections of dementia prevalence and incidence in WA: 2010-2050")

Older people and people living with a disability make up a significant part of the community. The MAFAB network was created to support businesses meet the needs of this important group and is part of a wider strategy to ensure Melville is an accessible, inclusive and age-friendly city.

If you are a local business interested in becoming a MAFAB member the City of Melville will support you with the following:

  • Access to the latest government and community initiatives to support
  • Age-friendly and accessible businesses including technology, applications and more
  • Training and support through workshops and forums
  • One-on-one meetings and support from City of Melville staff
  • Information from other businesses about initiatives and strategies

MAFAB members have expressed an interest in gaining a better understanding about people living with dementia. City of Melville have linked MAFAB members with Alzheimer’s WA and sourced resources to share with businesses. For some MAFAB members, such as Apple Garden City and Coffea Café staff training has been provided, and can be access through the following portal, Melville Talks

The dedicated MAFAB page on Melville Talks has enabled two-way feedback between the business employees and City of Melville and also provides an opportunity for businesses to share information about what has worked for them.

Visit to find out more about the businesses involved and join in the conversation.

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