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Report an Allegation of Fraud or Corruption

We have zero tolerance for fraudulent or corrupt conduct by councillors, employees, volunteers, contractors or suppliers, and we support the reporting of alleged wrongdoing.

If you suspect fraudulent or corrupt conduct, you can make a report directly to us,  contact the Public Sector Commission or the Corruption and Crime Commission.

The Public Sector Commission and Corruption and Crime Commission have the necessary powers and authority to investigate and make properly informed and considered findings about alleged or suspected misconduct by individual elected members or employees of a local government, and to do so in accordance with the rules of natural justice.


From City of Melville Fraud and Corruption Control Plan:


Dishonest activity causing actual or potential financial loss to any persons or entity including theft of moneys or other property by employees or persons external to the entity and where deception is used at the time, immediately before or immediately following the activity. This also includes the deliberate falsification, concealment, destruction or use of falsified documentation used or intended for use for a normal business purpose or for improper use of information or position for personal financial benefit.


Dishonest activity in which a director, executive, manager, employee or contractor of an entity acts contrary to the interests of the entity and abuses his/her position of trust in order to achieve some personal gain or advantage for him or herself or for another person or entity. The concept of ‘corruption’ can also involve corrupt conduct by the entity, or a person purporting to act on behalf of and in the interests of the entity, in order to secure some form of improper advantage for the entity either directly or indirectly.

Advice Before Making an Allegation

We encourage you to call the Public Sector Commission and ask to speak with a consultant before making an allegation.

Key Pieces of Information

  • The name and position of the person/s allegedly involved and where they work
  • What date and/or time the alleged conduct occurred
  • A brief description of your allegations and why you think that behaviour is fraudulent or corrupt
  • If you have spoken, or complained, to any other oversight agencies about the allegations, and when that complaint was made

How to Report an Allegation of Fraud or Corruption

You can report any suspicions, concerns or allegations directly to the relevant authority.

Minor misconduct by a public officer may be reported to the Public Sector Commission. Further information on reporting allegations of misconduct can be found on the Public Sector Commission website.

Serious misconduct by a public officer may be reported to the Corruption and Crime Commission. Further information on reporting allegations can be found on the Corruption and Crime Commission website.

You can also report alleged fraud or corruption direct to us by completing our Report an Allegation of Fraud or Corruption online form or downloading and filling in our Report an Allegation of Fraud or Corruption PDF form.

Report an Allegation of Fraud or Corruption to the City

You can use the online form below or our PDF form to report:

  • Fraudulent or corrupt conduct that involves or affects a City of Melville employee. For example, an employee improperly using their position for private gain.
  • Fraudulent or corrupt conduct that involves or affects the City of Melville as an organisation. For example, a person submitting inaccurate work history for a job application or fraudulent documentation for a permit application, or a City of Melville contractor submitting false invoices.

Do not use this form to report issues like

  • Unauthorised construction works
  • Noise complaints
  • Grievances
  • Fallen tree branches

Once submitted, the allegation will be investigated by our fraud control officers. We will acknowledge receipt of your allegation and you may be contacted for further information; however you may not be advised of the outcome of any investigation.

Online Form

Personal Details

Preferred method of contact:

If yes, please acknowledge the below

  • It may be more difficult for the proper authority to look into the matter(s) as they cannot comeback to me for further information
  • This anonymous disclosure may not prevent me from being identified during any investigation or when action is being taken.

Details of Allegation


Who does the allegation(s) relate to?


Does the allegation relate to one or more individuals? If yes, please list the names and positions held by the persons in the public authority:

Provide as much information as possible including what happened, dates and times, locations, why you consider the conduct corrupt or fraudulent (for example conflict of interest, misuse of government resources), and details of the persons involved including names, job titles, company/organisation and



Other Agencies Reported to

Have you reported this information to any other person or agency?:



Public Interest Disclosure - City of Melville Employees

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (WA) provides protection for public officials disclosing corrupt conduct, maladministration, waste and local government pecuniary interest contravention in the public sector. If you are a public officer and wish to lodge your public interest disclosure, visit our Public Interest Disclosure page.

Other Ways to Communicate with the City

If you want to ask a question, raise an issue, offer a suggestion or just communicate with us regarding something you are interested in, contact us.

You can also stay connected by interacting with us on social media or get involved in projects, community reference groups or community engagement on Melville Talks.

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