Community consultation

The City's vision of a Library and Cultural Centre responds in part to our community’s direction outlined in the Strategic Community Plan: People, Places, and Participation 2016-2020.

The 2017 MERGE Festival was the major community consultation for the Melville City Centre – Library & Cultural Centre.


  • MERGE was an innovative engagement exercise where the City Centre precinct was turned  into a festival of  possibilities.
  • We asked residents and visitors what they would like to see themselves doing in the future space.
  • The Festival allowed people to expand their thinking to what could be possible in a future City Centre and generate more ideas.
  • There were over 16,000 attendees who experienced and re-imagined the space.
  • The Festival questioned existing norms by pushing the traditional library outside, converting the existing library building into an up late Jazz Bar, converging the arts, museums and library into a festival that allowed our community to dream about what would be possible in a future space.
  • Over 2,100 community ideas were generated on the day.