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Update - June 2021

In February 2021, Council unanimously resolved the following:

  1. Authorises the Chief Executive Officer to notify Development WA that the City intends to no longer proceed with the Memorandum of Understanding for the John Connell Reserve Redevelopment Project.
  2. Authorises the Chief Executive Officer to write to Melville Glades Golf Club advising of the Council decision.
  3. Notes the improvement projects put forward for the John Connell Reserve at the request of the stakeholders being, the upgrade to the present change rooms, relocation and replacement of the practice cricket nets, and the construction of additional parking, be brought forward for consideration in the event that external funding to cover these costs is secured.
  4. Brings forward the preparation of the Master Plan for the entire 122 hectare John Connell Reserve for consideration in the 2021-2022 budget.

On Tuesday June 22, 2021, Council adopted the 2021-22 financial year budget which includes funds to carry out the John Connell Reserve Masterplan.

This masterplan will not be considering residential development anywhere on the site as per a previous planning project. The City will be commencing the Masterplan process in the coming months and the City will be in contact with all key stakeholders and the wider community at the time.

The City has been exploring ways to enhance the John Connell Reserve and Melville Glades Golf Course precinct. 

The previous use of John Connell Reserve as a land fill site (rubbish tip) presents a range of challenges, given that the site is contaminated and in need of remediation.  A portion of the former land fill site has been developed for recreational purposes, whilst approximately half the site is inaccessible and undeveloped. Investigating the wider precinct presents opportunities to upgrade unused portions of the reserve, make better use of the land which is not contaminated and to fund the required remediation works.

Draft Opportunities Plan

Community engagement in 2012 resulted in the preparation of initial design concepts for the precinct.  The designs explored the possibility of introducing housing into parts of the precinct to offset the cost of remediating the former land fill site and to provide for significant enhancement of community facilities and amenities.

These initial design concepts were the focus of further community engagement throughout 2013 and 2014.  These discussions with the community informed refinements to the concept and resulted in the preparation of a draft “Opportunities Plan”  In July 2014, Council decided to use the Opportunities Plan as the basis for further investigation into the future of the precinct.

Concept Plan

Testing of the Opportunities Plan focused on responding to key issues previously identified by the community, such as:

  • the desirability of introducing a residential component into the golf course
  • environmental safeguards
  • impact on views
  • traffic impacts
  • levels of remediation required for the former land fill areas and
  • the cost of the project

The results of these further investigations have now been completed and have informed the preparation of a revised “Concept Plan”. 

The Concept Plan maintains the idea of relocating portion of the existing golf course onto the undeveloped sections of John Connell Reserve and introducing a residential component on part of the golf course.  Key initiatives include:

  • Locating areas of residential development to minimise impact on views and traffic and to preserve areas of environmental value
  • Enhancement of community facilities and amenities including substantial new parkland areas and undergrounding of high voltage powerlines.

John Connell Reserve Master Plan

At an Ordinary Meeting of Council on 19 February 2019, the Council resolved to continue the journey and enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Landcorp, the Western Australian Land Authority. 

The MOU will facilitate Landcorp and the City conducting further investigation of options for the John Connell Reserve throughout 2019, with a view to developing a Master Plan. There will be opportunities for community engagement, and these will be central to the discussion about the future of the Reserve.

More Information

To keep informed on this project, please register your interest.

Should you have an queries on this project, please contact the City’s Strategic Urban Planning Team on 9364 0666

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