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Carawatha Residential Development

In 2006, the City of Melville made a commitment to the community of Willagee, purchasing the former Carawatha Primary School site from the State Government with a view to developing the site in a way that would help enhance and invigorate the suburb.

With two stages of a three stage redevelopment at the site completed, Willagee has been transforming is a revitalised suburb and continues to trsanform 

The centrally located suburb is experiencing a wave of new investment including a range of new businesses, amenities and public facilities. With wonderful parks and public open public spaces, a new medical centre, cafes and businesses owned and run by locals, excellent public transport, a renovated library, and a strong sense of community, Willagee today has everything. The completion of the award winning Carawatha Park has also added to the community focused family-friendly feel of the area.

Willagee is also the first City of Melville suburb to have its own Town Team, made up of passionate locals, business owners and Ward Councillors who are all working together to activate their streets and public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

From 2006 to 2018

2006 - The City of Melville made a commitment to the community of Willagee and purchased the former Carawatha Primary School site from the State Government, recognising the opportunity it presented to enhance and invigorate the suburb.

2011 - Working through a consultative process with Willagee residents, school children, businesses, City of Melville staff and Councillors, the Carawatha Park concept was created, setting a clear vision for the suburb's future.

2013 -  Council adopted the Willagee Structure Plan, which ensured that 30% of the site, which is well above the State’s requirement of 10% for new developments, would be dedicated to public open space. The Plan also ensured that much needed housing including a variety of two, three and four storey apartments, multi-unit and terraced housing options would be provided for the community.

2015 to 2018 -  An extensive procurement process began to develop the 2.6 ha residential portion of the site.

2016 - Carawatha Park was completed and included two development stages:  Stage One - Bush Land and  Stage Two - Park Land.

2018 - Following an extensive procurement process the City entered into a joint development partnership with the Satterley Group

2019 - Stage Three of the Carawatha site - a Residential Development - will see the Willagee community’s vision become a reality when the whole site is activated.

Carawatha Residential Development

Carawatha Park was completed in 2016 and included two stages for  a bush land and park land development.

The third and final stage of this revitalisation project will deliver Willagee  a high-quality residential development that complements the local character and natural surrounds of the area which the local community said they wanted to retain.

The residential development means people will have more variety and affordable housing choices in Willagee, increasing confidence in the suburb and attracting new residents and businesses. 

The City is working with Satterley Property Group to ensure a high-quality sustainable product is delivered.  The housing choices for the 2.59 hectare site will include single lots, cottage homes, duplexes and apartments offering affordable to more expensive options.

The City will ensure that any economic return from the project will be reinvested into local infrastructure and projects, stimulating new future opportunities for  local jobs and businesses.

Sustainable urban development, building and design initiatives, public open space and public art contributions will help deliver a built form residential development that is consistent with the community's overall vision, bringing the Willagee Structure Plan to life.

The Carawatha Residential Development concept also aligns with the key principles and objectives of the City’s Land Asset Management Plan.

  • Supports Community and Social Needs
  • Generates Economic Value
  • Delivers Planning Outcomes
  • Creates Additional Revenue Streams
  • Supports Intergenerational Equity by Delivering Long Term Financial, Social and Environmental Value to the Community

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