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We're all about Melville talking

Our goal is to bring the City of Melville community together in a safe online space.

Melville Talks is the City of Melville's online engagement platform which provides a range of ways to participate, share ideas and be involved in decisions that can impact your life.

Start contributing today by participating in open community engagement projects. You can join online discussions, share ideas, use interactive maps or complete online surveys. 

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Might Mel with a mega-phone

Who is Mighty Mel?

Mighty Mel is our Mascot. He comes from a long line of Carnaby Black Cockatoos that live here in Melville, loves being in front of the camera and getting involved in all things community engagagement.  

Fun Fact: Mighty Mel got his name from user ablunt in an online competition. It was one of many creative suggestions put forward by our community.


Below are answers to some of the questions you may have about Melville Talks.

How can I get involved in an engagement?

Visit the Engagements page to view the engagements open for community involvement. You can then participate through the methods available  which could include a survey, interactive map, poll or discussion board.

What does open, active and closed mean?

There are three status for our community engagements:

  • Open: The engagement is open for the community to get involved and participate in an activity.
  • Active: The engagement is in development but is closed for participation. It may reopen for engagement at a later date for further community input.
  • Closed: The engagement has closed.
How can I keep up to date with the progress of an engagement?

All engagements with an open or active status have the option for you to follow their progress. Look for the purple "Follow Engagement' button at the top of the engagement page and enter your details. You will be sent engagement updates for the duration of the project via email and you can unsubscribe anytime.

Do I need to register?

You don’t have to register to use MelvilleTalks to participate and get involved with engagements but we will collect some contact information. Your details are not shared with anyone else and we will not spam you. The information is collected in accordance with our privacy policyand is only used to keep participants informed about the engagement(s) they provide feedback to and for us to understand who is getting involved. 

We also use this information to improve Melville Talks and better understand the needs and interests of our City of Melville residents who use Melville Talks.

What happens to my feedback?

During community engagement processes all comments, ideas and suggestions are collected and used to inform the City and Council on decision making processes. Information is collected using various tools on Melville Talks e.g. surveys, social maps, forums etc.. Information is also collected at workshops using live polling software, video and pen and paper. Depending on whether the information is quantitative or qualitative in nature different methods are used to analyse and report back to the community, the Council and City staff.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. Your privacy is protected. The City of Melville will only use your email to invite you to participate in new engagements, or update you on existing projects where you have indicated an interest in or participated in. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose. More information is available in our privacy page.

How are comments moderated?

Moderators will not alter or edit comments. Comments will only be removed if they are deemed to be significantly off topic, offensive or malicious – as outlined in the Moderation Terms of Use. Users may be notified if their comments are removed and informed of the moderation process.

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