Policies and Local Laws

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Policies and Local Laws

Document nameDownloadable files
City of Melville Meeting Procedure Local Law 2017PDF - 105.1KB
Activities in Thoroughfares, Public Places and Trading Local Law 2014PDF - 219.6KB
Health Local LawsPDF - 199.9KB
Local Government Property Local LawPDF - 160.4KB
Local Law Relating to DogsPDF - 565.3KB
Local Law Relating to Eating HousesPDF - 44.3KB
Local Law Relating to FirebreaksPDF - 28.1KB
Local Law Relating to Street NumberingPDF - 44.8KB
Parking Local Law 2016PDF - 175.0KB
Asset Management PolicyPDF - 48.9KB
Complaints Management PolicyPDF - 70.8KB
Disability Access and Inclusion PolicyPDF - 39.2KB
Discretionary Services Review PolicyPDF - 44.4KB
Elected Members Social Media PolicyPDF - 65.3KB
Environmental PolicyPDF - 48.5KB
Fraud and Corruption Prevention PolicyPDF - 49.0KB
Council Policy - Improving Public SpacesPDF - 42.7KB
Legal Representation Policy Elected Members and EmployeesPDF - 47.4KB
Local Planning Policy - Additional Development Exemptions LPP 1.17PDF - 247.3KB
Local Planning Policy - All Saints College Master Plan LPP 4.2PDF - 373.8KB
Local Planning Policy - Amenity Policy LPP 1.10PDF - 253.6KB
Local Planning Policy - Design Review Panel LPP 1.2PDF - 131.5KB
Local Planning Policy - Bed and Breakfast Accommodation LPP 1.13PDF - 249.9KB
Local Planning Policy - Canning Highway Precinct Design Guidelines LPP 1.11PDF - 51.7KB
Local Planning Policy - Car Parking and Access LPP 1.6PDF - 329.9KB
Local Planning Policy - Chemists in Medical Centres LPP 2.3PDF - 48.0KB
Local Planning Policy - Child Minding Centres and Family Day Care LPP 1.12PDF - 260.2KB
Local Planning Policy - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design of Buildings LPP 1.8PDF - 261.0KB
Local Planning Policy - Energy Efficiency in Building Design LPP 1.5PDF - 257.2KB
Local Planning Policy - Exhibition Display Homes LPP 3.3PDF - 238.9KB
Local Planning Policy - Flood and Security Lighting LPP 1.16PDF - 45.0KB
Local Planning Policy - Heathcote Heritage Precinct Signage Strategy LPP 4.3PDF - 53.4KB
Local Planning Policy - Height of Buildings LPP 1.9PDF - 212.8KB
Local Planning Policy - Home Occupation Relative to Sexual Services Business Policy LPP 3.5PDF - 240.2KB
Local Planning Policy - Market Uses LPP 1.15PDF - 41.8KB
Local Planning Policy - Non-Residential Development LPP 2.1PDF - 946.7KB
Local Planning Policy - Outdoor Advertising and Signage LPP 2.2PDF - 275.7KB
Local Planning Policy - Planning Process and Decision Making LPP 1.1PDF - 156.8KB
Local Planning Policy - Provision of Public Art in Development Proposals LPP 1.4PDF - 54.1KB
Local Planning Policy - Residential Development LPP 3.1PDF - 55.6KB
Local Planning Policy - Royal Australian Air Force Association Masterplan LPP 4.1PDF - 640.9KB
Local Planning Policy - Telecommunications Facilities and Communications Equipment LPP 1.7PDF - 54.5KB
Local Planning Policy - Temporary Structures LPP 1.14PDF - 252.4KB
Local Planning Policy - Tennis Courts LPP 3.4PDF - 253.8KB
Local Planning Policy - Waste and Recyclables Collection for Multiple Dwellings Mixed Use Developments and Non-Residential Developments LPP 1.3PDF - 301.1KB
Neighbourhood Development - Community Hub PolicyPDF - 46.4KB
Non-Monetary Grants Policy - Community Partnership FundPDF - 64.0KB
Parking Permit PolicyPDF - 54.9KB
Path PolicyPDF - 37.3KB
Physical Activity PolicyPDF - 42.0KB
Procurement PolicyPDF - 195.7KB
Public Relations PolicyPDF - 39.6KB
Quality PolicyPDF - 48.7KB
Related Party Disclosures PolicyPDF - 57.3KB
Risk Management PolicyPDF - 62.2KB
School Parking PolicyPDF - 43.8KB
Severence PolicyPDF - 40.1KB
Stakeholder Engagement PolicyPDF - 43.4KB
Street Numbering PolicyPDF - 265.1KB
Tree PolicyPDF - 53.2KB
Urban Forest and Green Space PolicyPDF - 44.4KB
Verge Treatment PolicyPDF - 65.7KB
Financial Hardship PolicyPDF - 84.5KB

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