City of Melville Management Team

The City of Melville organisation is headed by its A/Chief Executive Officer, Marten Tieleman, and divided into four main operational areas of Corporate Services, Urban Planning, Community Development and Technical Services. 

Each service area has a Director and supporting management team.

  • Marten Tieleman

    Management Team:

    Kylie Johnson, Acting Director Corporate Services

    Stephen Cope, Director Urban Planning

    Christine Young, Director Community Development

    Mick McCarthy, Director Technical Services

    Louis Hitchcock, Executive Manager Governance & Legal Services



  • Acting Director, Kylie Johnson

    Management Team:

    Kylie Johnson, Executive Manager Organisational Development

    Bruce Taylor, Manager Financial Services

    Malcolm Duncan, Manager Information & Communications Technology





  • Director, Stephen Cope

    Management Team:

    Gavin Ponton, Manager Strategic Planning

    Peter Prendergast, Manager Statutory Planning

    Tony Capobianco, Manager Building Services




  • Director, Christine Young

    Management Team:

    Todd Cahoon, Manager Healthy Melville

    Leanne Hartill, Manager Neighbourhood Development

    Leeann Reid, Manager Cultural Services

    Brodie Dawkins, Manager Neighbourhood Amenity



  • Director, Mick McCarthy

    Management Team:

    Jeff Bird, Manager Natural Areas and Parks

    Kimberly Brosztl, Manager Engineering

    Steven Wacher, Manager Resource Recovery and Waste

    Mario Murphy, Manager City Buildings



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