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Melville Age-friendly Accessible Business Network

Supporting Inclusive Experiences

The Melville Age-Friendly Accessible Business (MAFAB) network consists of businesses committed to providing a supportive and inclusive experience for customers of all ages and abilities.

MAFAB businesses lead the way in being age-friendly and accessible, understanding the needs of their customers and welcoming older shoppers or those living with a disability, including dementia.

Benefits of MAFAB

Having an accessible and age-friendly business is an invitation to a broader customer base. Did you know:

  • 23% of Melville residents are currently over 60
  • Melville has the 2nd highest number of people living with dementia in WA
  • 18.5% of Australians identify themselves as having some form of disability.

As a member, you will become a key partner in the MAFAB network which will promote and support your business to:

  • Gain a better understanding  of your local customer base
  • Share and gain information on how to be more accessible, age-friendly and supportive to the local community
  • Increase your local community profile.

By joining the network, you will also have access to:

  • The latest government and community initiatives to support age-friendly and accessible businesses including technology and applications
  • Training and support through workshops and forums
  • One-on-one meetings and support from City of Melville staff
  • Information from other businesses about initiatives and strategies.

Visit Melville Age Friendly Accessible Business Network to find out more or email

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