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Environmental Health Information Specific to Businesses

Below are a list of tabs that provide information and public health requirements specific to businesses.

  • Food Handlers Training Programs

    I'M ALERT is an interactive, online training programme that provides crucial skills and knowledge required to ensure safe food for your customers. This free online training resource helps businesses ensure their staff have the necessary knowledge. This resource developed by qualified and experienced Environmental Health professionals is equivalent in scope to a two-day consultant-delivered course and complies with obligations set out under the Food Safety Standards for Australia and New Zealand. Complete the training programme.

  • The City of Melville's environmental health officers regularly visit hairdressing and skin penetration businesses to ensure they are clean, well maintained and comply with the Hairdressing Establishments Regulations 1972 and the Health (Skin Penetration Procedure) Regulations 1998.


    Hairdressing businesses must notify the City that they are trading. To notify the City fill out the Application for Hairdressing Premises.

    Beauty Treatment Premises

    If your business is involved in any of the following treatments you must register your business with us.

    Beauty Treatment businesses must notify the City that they are trading. To notify the City fill out the Application for Skin Penetration and Beauty Therapy Premises.

    For more information on Skin Penetration Processes download the General Requirements for Operating a Skin Penetration Establishment Info Sheet or the Skin Penetration Code of Practice.

    • Acupuncture
    • Body or Ear piercing
    • Electrolysis
    • Tattooing
    • Wax treatments.
  • Starting and Maintaining Your Food Business

    When building a new food premise or making structural alterations to an existing food business you need to apply for approval from the Environmental Health by filling out the Approval to Construct or Alter a Food Business Application.

    Prior to opening your business you will need to arrange for an inspection of the premises by an Environmental Health Officer to ensure all food is being stored, handled, cooked and served safely. If they are satisfied that the premise complies with the Food Act and the Food Safety Standards Code a certificate of registration will be issued to you allowing you to trade. How frequently officers visit will depend on the type of food you are serving, who your customers are and how high your food hygiene practises and records are.

    For more information on opening a food business download the Guide to the Design, Construction and Fit Out of A Food Business info sheet or contact the Environmental Health Team to discuss your plans.

    Operating a Food Business From Home

    If you would like to open a food business you will need to complete a Notification/Registration of a Residential Food Business Application.

    The Department of Health advises that only low risk food activities can be carried out from domestic premises.

    Low risk food activities – includes the production of:

    • Jams and marmalades
    • Nougats, fudges, meringues and Turkish delights
    • Cake decorating and repacking of bulk packaged low risk confectionery products
    • Pickled onions
    • Herb vinegars with a pH of less than 4.5
    • Chutneys, relishes and sauces that are heat treated by boiling or cooking
    • Spices and spice mixers such as Dry Curry Powder with ingredients being purchased from an approved food business

    For more information on operating a food business at home read the Food Act 2008 Fact Sheet.

    Fixed Food Business

    If you would like to operate a 'Fixed Food Business', you will be required to fill out an Application for Notification/Registration of Food Business.

    Below is a list of some types of fixed food businesses; for a more extensive list, please refer to the application form.

    • Retailer
    • Hotel/Motel/Guest house
    • Supermarket
    • Childcare Centre
    • Restaurant/Café
    • Pub/Tavern
    • Storage
    • Transport

    Please note: if you are an existing food business who will be making structural alterations or layout changes, you will be required to lodge an application for Approval to Construct or Alter a Food Business Application. It is also a requirement to undertake a Foodsafe Program, I'm Alert Online Food Safety Training or other food handling training programs.

    For further information, please contact the Environmental Health Team.

    Food Premise Inspections

    Environmental Health Officers routinely inspect Food Premises within the City of Melville, the frequency of assessment is determined by risk. Food Premises assessments are undertaken to ensure the premises complies with the Food Act 2008 and the Australian New Zealand Food Safety Standards.  The assessment looks primarily at food safety and hygiene practices and ensuring the food they are producing / selling is safe for consumption.  As part of the assessment we also make sure that the food proprietors meet their obligations in regards to Allergens.

    See attached for further information in regards to Allergens.

    Food Trucks, Mobile Food Businesses and Food Stalls

    If your business is based outside of the City of Melville but you are intending to operate a mobile food business within the City, you will need to fill out a Notification/Registration of Temporary Food Business form

    If you are thinking of starting up a new business as a mobile trader within Melville you will need to register with us as a Mobile or Temporary Food Business.

    In addition you will need to submit an application under our local laws for a Traders Permit if trading as a mobile vehicle or from a specific location within the City. If you are attending an organised event, the event organiser will need to complete an application for a stall holder permit and include your business name on the application.

    Scores on the Doors

    We operate a hygiene recognition scheme that awards businesses that meet and exceed food safety requirements with a star rating out of five. Look out for Scores on the Doors certificates on display at food businesses around the City.

    Please refer to Scores on Doors - Participants to see which of your local businesses have already joined the scheme.

    You can see a list of Scores on Doors participants on the easy to use dashboard below.

    1. Click on slices on the donut chart to filter participating food premises by score.
    2. Click on any suburb on the heatmap to filter to participating food premises in that suburb.
    3. You can use ‘Search for a food premise’ to search for participating food premises.

    If you have any feedback on how we can improve your experience using this  tool, please click ‘was this page helpful?’ on the bottom of the webpage and tell us your thoughts.

    Applying for a Liquor Licence

    For detailed information about licence types, trading hours, approved managers, restrictions and information for licensees you may wish to visit the State Government liquor licensing website.

    To obtain a liquor licence for your food business, you'll need to submit the following information:

    1. Completed City of Melville Section 39 Application Form
    2. Completed page 2 of 2 - Certificate of Local Health Authority (section 39)
    3. Plans showing your proposed licensed area
    4. Please note that you will also need to complete page 2 of 2 of the Certificate of Local Planning Authority (section 40) form which will need to submitted separately viaour online services.
  • Apply for an alfresco dining permit and realise what outdoor dining could do for your business. Reap the profits from alfresco dining areas, with significantly reduced charges, a simplified application process and faster approval times and increase your seating capacity without increasing your overheads. Give your customers the opportunity to dine outside, enjoy the beautiful Perth weather or feast under the stars.

    For fees and charges please refer to our Schedule of Fees and Charges; alternatively you can contact the Health Admin team via

    Businesses On Private Property

    You don't need to apply for an Alfresco Dining Permit if the proposed area is located on private property.

    If you are unsure visit the City's online maps and search your business address, if the proposed area is within the red boundary this is within the private property and no Alfresco Permit is required.

    Always speak to your landlord or centre management to determine if an alfresco area is permitted. View our Alfresco Dining Conditions information sheet for further information.

Related Information

Sampling and Testing Programs

Food and Chemical Food Sampling

Environmental Health Officers regularly take samples from food outlets within the City of Melville to observe hygiene, cleanliness and procedure and ensure food safety standards are being maintained.

The City also actively takes part in coordinated sampling programs which are run by a number of different agencies for the Department of Health and the Department of Fisheries and Forestry. These surveys are WA wide and cover a broad range of products. These surveys have included sampling for Trans fatty acids (breads and cakes), chemical residues (fruit and vegetable), fat content in pizzas, fluoride content (infant milk and WA Water) and compliance of locally produced goods.

Ready to Eat Microbiological Sampling Program

As well as carrying out food safety assessments our officers also conduct food sampling to monitor microbiological and chemical standards. Officers may take swabs from surfaces in food premises to monitor the effectiveness of cleaning practices and identify issues with food safety and hygiene. Microbiological sampling is conducted to test primarily for pathogens in food which may cause ill health effect for consumers. Detection of pathogens will result in swift action to prevent the spread of pathogenic illness.

Tests are also completed to identify the standard plate count level (all of the micro-organisms on the surface of the food product). These micro-organisms are not pathogenic but their presence in high numbers can suggest issues such as inadequate temperature control or insufficient hand washing. When results are returned with high numbers an officer will provide education and identify procedures that can be improved.

Surface Swabbing

Environmental Health Officers may also take swab samples during routine hygiene assessments. Although there are currently no legal total plate count limits for swabbing sampling, the results along with other sampling and inspection observations within a food premise will give a good indication of food safety standards.

How to Apply for a Permit

Beauty Treatment, Hairdressing Businesses and Food Businesses

You can submit your application in person, via post or via email.

  • Email to
  • Apply in person or post - ensuring all relevant forms are filled out in full: 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon WA 6154

For more information contact the Environmental Health Team via Customer Relations on 1300 635 845.

Alfresco Dining Permit

You can submit your application either online or in person.

  • Apply online - Online applications will be processed quicker than hard copy applications with expected turnaround times between five to ten business days
  • Apply in person - Download the application form, complete and print, and visit the City of Melville Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon to lodge and pay in person at the Customer Relations Counter.

For more information contact the Environmental Health Team via Customer Relations on 1300 635 845.

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