The 44th annual Art Awards exhibition showcased more than 260 artworks by established and emerging West Australian artists, including local talent living in the City of Melville.
You can view a virtual tour of this years exhibition here

Award winners

This year we  introduced of a number of new categories including Drawing, Printmaking, Digital and new Media Award and a larger prize pool.
Thank you to our Judging panel for 2020:
  • Erin Coates, Curator, Fremantle Arts Centre
  • Guy Louden, Assistant Curator, Goolugatup Heathcote
  • Pete Stone, Creative Producer, Arts and Culture, City of Melville
  • First prize (Acquisitive) Winner $5,000 - Artist: Wade Taylor, Daylight Ghost
  • Work by City of Melville Resident Winner $500 - Artist: Suzanne Lawson, Luka
  • Special mentionCity of Melville Resident Award:Artist: Juliette Paton-Williams, Salmon Brick Studies
  • Youth (ages 15 to 18) Winner $1,000 - Artist: Keeley McKeown, Shan Waves to Hoskusai
  • Highly Commended Youth (ages 15-18) $500 - Artist: Ashleigha Davidson, Passing Down Traditions
  • Oil Winner $1,000 - Artist: Marcia Hadlow, One Hundred and One
  • Highly Commended Oil $500 - Artist: Katrina Lievense, Penny
  • Acrylic Winner $1,000 - Artist: Brett Williams, Kelly: Postcard from Heaven
  • Highly Commended Acrylic $500 - Artist: Greg Barr, Adam Goodes
  • Watercolour Winner $1,000 - Artist: Kathy Bierma, The Timekeeper
  • Highly Commended Watercolour $500 - Artist: Sue Cross, Wet Rocks # 10
  • Printmaking Winner $1000 - Artist: Bethwyn Porter, Jervoise Bay Dusk
  • Highly Commended Printmaking $500 - Angela Ferolla, Lady On A Swing
  • Drawing Winner $1,000 - Artist: Lorraine Defleur - The River and The Snake
  • Highly Commended Drawing $500 - Artist: Jordan Andreotta, A Gateway To Our Past
  • Sculpture Winner $1,000 - Artist: Chris Goldberg, Black Dog
  • Highly Commended Sculpture $500 - Artist: Georgia Herbert, Like Smoulder
  • Digital and New Media Winner $1,000 - Artist: Jennie Feyen, The Light of the Star
  • Highly Digital and New Media $500 - Artist: Joanna Brown, Wattle Be, Will Be
  • Mixed Media Winner $1,000 - Artist: Hanae Meyer, Wound Up
  • Highly Commended Mixed Media $500 - Artist: Andrew Farmer, Solis
  • Popular Choice Winner $500 - Artist: Tania Smith, Craters Edge
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