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Point Walter Boat Ramp Upgrade

Point Walter has received first-class boat launching facilities.

Project Information

The Point Walter boat ramp upgrade works are now complete . The new first-class boat launching facility has significantly improved on the existing structure in terms of function and safety.  

New features include two lanes, a finger jetty to allow for up to six boats to be berthed at any one time and an improved approach ramp to allow vehicles with trailers to better line up the lanes for reversing.

Construction commenced in December 2018 and concluded in mid February 2019 (2 weeks ahead of schedule).

The secondary western ramp at Point Walter, which has had very little use in recent years, was closed permanently as of Friday, 21 December 2018 due to safety concerns with the degrading ramp.

Boat users can find information about alternative boat ramp facilities on the Department of Transport website.

The new Deep Water Point boat ramp is now also available for use.

The Deep Water Point and Point Walter works were funded by a $1.4million grant from the Department of Transport’s Recreational Facilities Boating Facilities Scheme and a $470,000 contribution from the City of Melville.


Contractors on-siteDecember 2018
Boat Ramp CompletionComplete

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Point Walter Reserve, Burke Drive, Bicton 6157 Get Directions

Additional Features

The new boat ramp has been realigned to take advantage of the deeper channel. A section of rock revetment was installed to the south to address serious foreshore erosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the boat ramp closed in summer? Couldn't this have been better planned?

The City acknowledges the timing of the closure was not ideal, however there are number of contributing factors that have impacted project timing, including:

  • A large section of the revetment works that needed to be undertaken during summer low tides at this site.
  • The Deep Water Point boat ramp upgrade was completed first to ensure the City would have at least one boat ramp available at all times
  • The timing of funding allocation from the Department of Transport’s Recreational Facilities Boating Facilities Scheme
  • Approvals from State agencies 
Where can I go now to launch my boat/vessel?
  • The new Deep Water Point boat ramp is now open
  • Information about boat ramp facilities across Perth is available on the Department of Transport website.
Why have the boat ramps been designed the way they have?

The boat ramps have been designed in accordance with the Department of Transport’s Boat Ramp Guidelines.

Why is the finger jetty at Deep Water Point shorter than the one at Point Walter?

The ski area is very close to the jetty at Deep Water Point therefore the jetty has been shortened to make it less intrusive.

Why have the ladders been designed the way they have?

The ladders have been designed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards including AS1657 and the Department of Transport’s guidelines for the design of boat launching facilities. Curved ladder styles are not practical for finger jetties at boat ramps due to the limited width of the jetty. These would take up further space and obstruct the main walkway.

Why are the jetties built tot he height they are?

The jetties have been designed to be usable all year round. The tides are much lower in summer which makes the jetties appear to be too high. In winter the tides are generally much higher and coupled with storm surges would make the jetties unusable.

Why isn't there more parking available?

While the boat ramps have been upgraded, they have been designed to make them safer and more efficient for launching from, as opposed to getting more boats in the water. Both Point Walter and Deep Water Point Reserves cater for a mix of users. The City must balance parking between boat trailers parking and single user cars. While there may be an opportunity to review the configuration of the space currently available, there is no way we can take away valuable recreation space to provide more car or boat/trailer bays.

Why is there no signage about dedicated launch and retrieval lanes?

The City originally had planned to dedicate lanes to launching and retrieval; however, experience across other boat ramps has shown that users are best left to self-manage these functions. For example, in the morning it may be more expedient to launch from both lanes and retrieve from both in the afternoon. Wind conditions may also make one lane more preferable than the other at certain times.

Will the western boat ramp at Point Walter be reopened now that the main boat ramp is operational?

No. The western boat ramp is considered to be too dangerous to use and the new boat ramp will be able to service all boat launching.

Will there be a parking charge at Point Walter for boat trailers?

There has always been a charge for boat trailer parking at both Point Walter and Deep Water Point. Nothing has changed.

Will the City be installing lighting at the Point Walter Boat Ramp?

The City has no plans to install lighting at this stage.

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