Piney Lakes Climatewatch Trail

Climatewatch Launch 2010

The Climatewatch Initiative

Climatewatch is an initiative of the Earthwatch Institute of Australia. It is aimed at people of all ages - Australia wide, to join forces in gathering data to aid scientists in their research on climate change. Come to Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre to learn what the Earthwatch Institute of Australia is doing to aid in the research on climate change.

The Climatewatch Initiative was launched in 2010, and a pilot trail for data collection was created at Piney Lakes Reserve. We need to gather lots of information about the flowering patterns of plants and the behaviour of animals so that scientists may make predictions about how the changes in weather patterns are affecting them.

When they can determine what's happening and how they are being affected, we will have more knowledge to ensure the future sustainability of our flora and fauna populations in Western Australia, and the world over.

Get involved with Climatewatch

There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Become a 'Climatewatcher' at home. Visit the Climatewatch website to learn more about indicator species, making observations and recording data
  • Book a private group tour for a minimum of 10 people or conduct a self-guided walk and record observations at any time within the Piney Lakes Reserve.

The team at Piney Lakes would like to encourage everybody to make continuous observations so that plenty of data can be collected in order for scientists to make accurate assumptions about the effects of climate change, as it applies to Australian flora and fauna.

Contact Information

For more information on Climatewatch at Piney Lakes or to obtain your free information booklet, map and recording sheet visit the Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre.

Alternatively, please contact Sarah-Jane McMahon, the Environmental Education Officer at

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