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Your Guide to a Sustainable Christmas

Your Guide to a Sustainable Christmas

Avoid the naughty list this Christmas: Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle.

Here are some trendy tips for your guide to a sustainable Christmas.

1 Give experiences, not things

Experiences can be meaningful presents that last a lifetime. Give the gift of an experience and reduce what eventually ends up in landfill.

Get someone a sky diving voucher (they even have an indoor version!), a movie ticket or tickets to a music concert. Maybe suggest kids create vouchers where they offer to complete chores like cooking or cleaning.

2 Repurpose wrapping paper

Got an old scarf lying around, or what about last week’s newspaper? Use these to wrap your gifts instead of glossed, expensive paper. Any foil or plastic wrapping paper is NOT recyclable, so avoid purchasing fancy wrapping paper and go green this Christmas. Did you know that Australians use over 8,000 tonnes of wrapping every year and that’s the equivalent of 50,000 trees!

3 Get your recycling bins ready

Remember to NOT bag your recycling but place everything in loosely. Get prepared and make sure to you have your recycling bins ready for any soft drink cans, glass bottles or wrapping paper. Or if it’s easier, just roll your yellow bin to your backyard so it’s easy for people to see use.

4 What can’t be recycled in your yellow lidded bin?

Tinsel, fairy lights, plastic plates and cutlery, plastic Christmas trees, tissues and napkins. But don’t despair, tissues and napkins CAN go in your FOGO bin along with any food scraps

5 Hit up second hand before hitting the sales

Try asking your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook by searching “Buy Nothing” and the name of your suburb. Buy Nothing Project group’s concept is for members to “Buy Nothing and Give Freely”. December is also a time for many people to have a clear out, so if you are wanting to throw something out or you need something, ask your local Buy Nothing group or visit a second hand store or jump onto gum tree or Facebook marketplace.

A lot of members also lend things to each other as well – so maybe if you are after a trestle table, chocolate fountain or board games, a neighbour will be happy to lend it to you for free! More info, at

6 FOGO Your Christmas Tree

Most Australian trees sold in Australia are plantation grown under sustainable forestry systems. Look for live trees that still have their roots attached and they can be replanted after Christmas. If you’d like to dispose of your Christmas tree, cut it into manageable pieces and put it in your FOGO bin.

7 Make a Meal Plan to Feed the Troops

Every year, Australians throw away an estimated 4 million tonnes of food waste or 450,000 waste trucks worth… Plan your meals by creating a food plan. More ideas, at

8 Go Green

Look for organic or renewable presents such as recycled wood products. Chopping boards, salad bowls, clay vases or patchwork shirts give resources a beautiful second life.

9 Go Even Greener

Seedlings and plants make awesome presents for the home and garden. Get your friend or family member a succulent or even a bonsai!

10 E-Waste & Household Hazardous Waste

Check out the City’s two holiday E-Waste and Recycling drop off days. Bring in anything electrical plus excess recycling. Cardboard boxes, car batteries, even polystyrene foam - we will take all your E-Waste and recycling.

More info, at

11 E-Cards

Get all tech savvy and send a personalised E-Card to friends, family and work colleagues. Save trees, save money and save your shopping time!

Hope you have a sustainable merry Christmas!

Here are 12 zero waste Christmas gift ideas by Reycle Right. More info, at

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