Rubbish and Recycling Bins

City of Melville Street Rubbish and Recycling Collection

The City of Melville supplies rubbish and recycling bins at your home and/or business. 

The City also has bins located in foreshore areas, on parks and reserves and in public places such as shopping centres, bus stops and other appropriate areas.

On this page you can check your bin and waste days, find out what goes into each bin and request a bin service. 

Find your bin and waste days

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Request a Bin Service

To request a new bin service, request a bin for events or functions, report a missed bin service and/or request a bin repair or replacement, please contact our customer service team on 9364 0666.

Alternatively, you can make any on the following bin requests online.

Residential Bin

Commercial Bin

Public Bin

Which Bin to put it in

Select from the tabs below to find bin collection frequency and what can go into each bin.

  • Your recycling bin (yellow-lid) is collected weekly. Please note, if you are in the FOGO Trial Area your recycling bin is collected fortnightly.  The contents are sorted, baled at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) and sold for reprocessing.

    What can go into recycling bin (yellow lid)

    ✔ Paper (not shredded)
    ✔ Cardboard including pizza boxes and waxed cartons
    ✔ Glass including broken glass
    ✔ Plastic containers and bottles 
    ✔ Cans (Aluminium and Steel)

    All items should be empty, rinsed, dry with lids removed and placed loose in the bin. Max. weight limit 70kg.

    What does not go into the recycling bin (yellow lid)

    ✘ Building Waste
    ✘ Hazardous Waste including batteries and paint
    ✘ Food or Garden Waste
    ✘ Nappies
    ✘ Soft or Srunchable Plastics
    ✘ Aerosoles 
    ✘ Meat Trays 
    ✘ Polystyrene


  • Your organic waste composting bin (green-lid) bin is collected weekly. Contents are processed at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre (RRRC) into compost used in local farming.

    What can go into the organic waste bin (green lid)

    All food, organic waste, grass clippings, small prunings, nappies and general household waste
    Nappies and general household waste (non FOGO participants only)

    Max. weight limit 70kg.

    What does not go into the organic waste bin (green lid)

    The following items will contaminate your organic waste composting bin and should not be placed in it:

    Construction, demolition & building materials (no bricks, sand, soil, concrete, rocks or asbestos)
    Glass or Ceramics (place glass into your yellow-lidded recycling bin)
    Hazardous Waste: petrol, gas cylinders, paints, motor oils, garden chemicals & poisons, pool chemicals, cleaners, acids, bleaches & ammonia, medicines and flammable liquids
    Medical wastes or needles.

  • Your general waste bin (red lid) is collected fortnightly. This bin is mainly for waste that can't be composted or recycled and will go into landfill.

    If residents sort their waste correctly, this smaller red-lidded bin should be big enought for the majority of households. 

    What can go into the general waste bin (red lid)

    ✔ General rubbish items
    ✔ Nappies and hygiene products
    ✔ Polystyrene and soft plastics

    Max. weight limit 70kg.

    What does not go into the general waste bin (red lid)

    ✘ Organic or recyclable material
    ✘ Hazardous items

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