What's Your Bag Plan?

Get Your FREE Reusable Shopping Bag

From 1 July 2018, the Western Australian Government is banning single use plastic bags from major retailers which will bring WA into line with South Australia, ACT and Tasmania. To help promote this initiative, from Tuesday, 19 June we are giving away FREE reusable bags.

It is estimated that if every Australian household stopped using plastic bags and switched to the reusable bags like the City of Melville is giving away, 2,200 rubbish trucks will be diverted from landfill, 42,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases could be abated and 50,000 litres of water saved.

  • Did you know plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes?
  • Did you know plastic bags are made of polypropylene, a material that is produced from petroleum and natural gas. To produce nine plastic bags it takes the equivalent energy to drive a car one kilometre?
  • Did you know that plastic bags never break down? They only degrade into tiny pieces and can make their way into our food chain via consuming fish that mistake these tiny pieces of plastic as their food.
  • Did you know the average Australian uses 170 plastic bags per year?
  • Did you know 200,000 plastic bags are disposed of in landfill every hour? Australia uses 9.7 billion bags annually!

Start the behaviour change and grab a FREE reusable bag from your closest community centre: Willagee, or Blue Gum Recreation Centre or one of our five Libraries.

Hurry - there is only a limited supply available!

WA Bag Ban Information

Offering a variety of helpful resources that can help spread the word and encourage the use of reusable bags, download digital materials from the State Government’s education campaign - What’s Your Bag Plan below. Further information is also available at whatsyourbagplan.wa.gov.au

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